Trim Healthy Mama Book Study

Trim Healthy Mama Book Study – Week One (Unofficial)

The day is finally here!! Today we start our unofficial Trim Healthy Mama book study online together!


Trim Healthy Mama Book Study

If you’re new, or not sure how this works, then this blog post may be helpful to you.

This is the fourth time I have run the book study as an online group and the most important thing I can tell you is that you will only get out of it what you put into it.

If you don’t do the reading, don’t answer the questions and then just look at everyone elses answers and think you’ve learnt the plan – you will fail!

Sorry, but it is true. You are worth the time and effort needed to learn this healthy way of living and once you have grasped the basics of this plan you have a healthy way of living FOR LIFE!

We have two weeks to cover the reading and the questions for week one, so there is still time to join us. If you don’t yet have the books then you can order them using our affiliate links below. You can also get the audio book version from Audible for free if you sign up for a new customer trial of Audible! This is also linked below. All affiliate links help us to spare the time from work to run the study so we are very grateful when you use them. Items bought through the links don’t cost you any extra, or change the service you get, but we receive a small referral payment for them which helps us to run the blog. Our full disclosure is found in our “About Us” section. If you want more details about Audible, then this post may be helpful to you.

The Audible link is below, simply sign up for a new customer Audible account then search for “Trim Healthy Mama” and then use one of your free credits to download the book to your phone or device to listen and learn!!

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These are the links for the “hard copies”

Original plan book US Affiliate Link  UK Affiliate Link Canada Affiliate Link

New Plan Book US Affiliate Link  UK Affiliate Link Canada Affiliate Link

Don’t forget to download the FREE study guide from the Trim Healthy Mama website on this page here. Keep scrolling to the very bottom of the page and you will see them there or click this link here to download. We will be using the scripture based guide. There is very little difference between the two, just a couple of extra questions on the scripture one. If you wish to skip the scripture based questions then you are welcome to do so. You will need to download this to your computer or print it if you want to write straight on it.

To follow the study, simply complete the reading listed below, keep chatting and asking questions and supporting each other in the chat group and then answer the questions on the posts in the question group. For this first week, we have a full week of reading, then a full week for questions, but you can just work through at your own pace.


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Reading List –

Trim Healthy Mama Plan Group Discussion Guide: Session 1

New Plan Book ; (Introduction – Chapter 8)
Pages xi – 78

Original THM Book: Intro thru Chapter 11
Pages xi-119


1 – Do you relate to any of the diet types – Whole grain Jane, drive through Sue? Which one or two fit you best?

2 – What has been your biggest struggle with your current, or past, diet or way of eating?

3 – What food groups did God give his people in Deuteronomy 14 v 4 and 32 v 13 – 14? How does these differ from today’s dietary guidelines?

4 – Briefly describe the difference between ‘S’ Satisfying and ‘E’ Energising meals.

5 – What is so great about ‘FP’ Fuel Pull foods? Why is it important not to overdo Fuel Pull Meals?

6 – What is the difference between an ‘XO’ Crossover and a Cheat? What are some of the reasons for choosing to eat a crossover meal?

7 – What are some of the foods listed in the ‘S’ and ‘E’ chapters that you may have previously considered as unhealthy or fattening?


1 – Do you prefer to gently work your way into plan, or would you rather dive in head first and learn as you go?

2 – Are you at peace with the fact that your trim and healthy journey will be very different from others in this group and that you may lose weight more slowly or quickly depending on your age, sex, unique metabolism, history of dieting and approach to starting the plan?

3 – How will you encourage yourself if your progress is not as fast as you would like it to be or if you feel like you have failed meals or full days or make mistakes during the learning curve?

4 – Why is it important to fuel our bodies during weight loss? What message does restricting fuels or foods send to our bodies?

5 – Why do we need to allow times of rest between fuelling?

6 – What is one small change or baby step towards trim and healthy that you can make in this coming week?

Happy Reading everyone, please share any questions and concerns and chat and we can get through this Trim Healthy Mama Book Study together

If you are new to the Trim Healthy Mama plan, then this post here may be helpful to you too xx

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