The Great Outdoors – Our Theme For June!

I know that it isn’t officially summer here in England until later this month, but in my head, the seasons start with Spring on March 1st, Summer on June 1st, Autumn on September 1st and Winter on December 1st! That makes today the first day of summer in my world 🙂 I’m not a big summer person in that I don’t like hot weather but I do love to be in the great outdoors and that is what we are going to be celebrating on the blog this month – getting outside and making the most of the lighter nights, the warmer weather, the beautiful views and the seasonal, healthier food!


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June 1st marks the start of summer for me and I want to make the most of it this year!


Growing up, my family had a caravan at the seaside. It was about 90 miles away from home and we used to go every weekend and every school holiday from the 1st March to the 31st October which was the official opening times. My favourite time was the big school holidays which last for six weeks here and we used to spend every day there – wonderful times. We had that caravan from before I was born till the summer I turned 18 and although I turn 38 this month, I miss it every year when the days get warmer and the sky turns blue. Being in a caravan forces you to make the most of the great outdoors, they are small and cramped and they are usually parked in a field with lots of outside space and so you just want to be outside, running around, walking on the beach, swimming in the sea or just laid on the grass reading. Even just saying that makes my heart long for those days. Now I don’t have that place to go to, I struggle to get outside in the summer, even though I know how good it is for me and how much better it makes me feel. I find myself working at a computer for hours, starting out the window and wishing I was outside and miles away.


This is the beach at the caravan site where I grew up. So beautiful.


So this summer I am going to make the effort to really enjoy the outdoors! There’s no beach nearby and no sea to swim in and we don’t have a garden so there’s no grass to lay on, so I’m going to have to really make an effort and get creative!

The one outside space I do have access to is my allotment. If you don’t know what an allotment is, it’s a piece of land that you either rent or own in order to grow your own food. It is usually a small section of a much larger area and everyone has their own strip or square. You can grow any food you like on it, some allow livestock as well but ours doesn’t, and you can also have a shed and a greenhouse if you want.

Our allotment – just starting to get green and ready to grow lots of lovely food!


We have had our allotment for three years now and it is truly my happy place 🙂 I usually got to the allotment each day as I have seeds to water and plants to tend, but I only go for about an hour and I don’t get chance to just sit, relax and enjoy the space.


Here I am, happy in my greenhouse 🙂


I use it to grow fruit and vegetables that we love, but that are really expensive to buy in the shops. We don’t grow things like carrots as they are really cheap and tricky to grow, instead we grow lots of pumpkins, squashes, courgettes (Zucchini) and fresh fruit and berries. Obviously everything we grow is suitable for the Trim Healthy Mama plan! There are 55 plots on our allotment site, so lots of people to talk to and to get advice and help from – it’s a great community.


My precious seed babies growing in my greenhouse 🙂


So I can get outdoors at the allotment, but what about other ideas? What else can I do to celebrate the summer months?

This month I am going to blog ideas for summer date nights, salad and summer food ideas (all Trim Healthy Mama friendly of course!), creating an outdoor space in a limited area and I’m going to post more about growing your own food and much more. I have lots of ideas on how we can really make the most of these lovely summer months before the cold of winter sets in again.


Summer sunshine and blue skys – just what you need after the darker days of winter x


Next month I am planning to release my first kindle book as well! It is almost finished and it is a guide to having a Staycation – a holiday where you stay at home rather than travelling away somewhere. This is what we are planning to do this year so that we take a break from work and life but we are able to have that break on a very tight budget. I am nervous and hoping that you all love the book – I will tell you more and share some sneak previews over the coming weeks! 😀

Let me know in the comments below how you like to make the most of summer. If you have ideas to make these warmer months special, please let us know so we can share ideas with each other. As always, you can come and chat in the Facebook group and share ideas there too.

Enjoy the sun xx

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