Trim Healthy Mama Book Study

The Trim Healthy Mama Book Study Is Back! Starts June 12th

After being so popular last time we ran it and after lots of requests to run it again, the Trim Healthy Mama book study group is back!! We’re going to be starting on Monday the 12th June and all the details you need are below.

This time there is the huge advantage that the audio book is available for FREE on Audible at the moment, if you sign up as a new customer, and with the study guide being free on the Trim Healthy Mama page, you can now learn the whole Trim Healthy Mama plan for FREE with us!! If you choose to sign up with our affiliate link to get the audio book we would be very grateful. It doesn’t cost you any extra (a trial subscription is free for new Audible customers and you can keep the book even if you cancel) and the affiliate payment we receive helps us to run the book study. All details and disclosures about our use of affiliate links can be found in our “About Us” section here. The Audible link is below, simply sign up for an Audible account then search for “Trim Healthy Mama” and download the book to your phone or device to listen and learn!!

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Trim Healthy Mama Book Study
This is our fourth time running the Trim Healthy Mama book study and we have great fun everytime. Why not come and join us? All the details and links are in this post


This post will explain everything you need to know for Monday 12th June, when we start.


We will all start reading together from the 12th onwards. The only things you need to do in advance are –

Find / buy / borrow / download one of the plan books
Download the study guide
Join the Facebook group
Get a notebook and pen
Check your calendar


The Plan books

If you don’t already have a copy of one of the two plan books, or haven’t downloaded the Audible version as linked above, then they are available from Amazon. There is still time to order and join in.

Original plan book US Affiliate Link UK Affiliate Link Canada Affiliate Link

New Plan Book UK Affiliate Link Canada Affiliate Link

Cookbook (not needed for this study!) US Affiliate Link UK Affiliate Link Canada Affiliate Link


The Study Guide 

You can download the study guide straight from the Trim Healthy Mama website on this page here. Keep scrolling to the very bottom of the page and you will see them there or click this link here to download. We will be using the scripture based guide. There is very little difference between the two, just a couple of extra questions on the scripture one. If you wish to skip the scripture based questions then you are welcome to do so. You will need to download this to computer or print it if you want to write straight on it. I will also be listing the reading and questions here every week so if you have any problems downloading it, you will be able to follow along from the blog with a notebook and pen. I have adapted the reading so that you can use the original book or the new plan book – those details will not be on the downloaded study guide but will be here on the blog post on the 12th.


Scroll right to the bottom of the FAQ page linked above and the study guide is there. You want the scripture based study guide that is on the right.


Join The Facebook Group 

We are building a really thriving community of ladies who are all planning to study Trim Healthy Mama together. You can come and join us here and then join the specific questions group here. I am actually British and live in England, so if you are not approved to join straight away, don’t worry. The timezone means that I get a lot of requests while I am asleep and you are all still awake! You will be added to group but if you are concerned, then comment below and let me know and I will check that you are added ready for the Monday. Once you have been added to the group, have a look at the pinned post at the top of the page to find the links and details you need.


Check Your Calendar

We are all in different timezones so the study needs to work for everyone. How it will work therefore, is that each Monday, I will list a blog post in group that details the reading for the week ahead and the questions we will be answering. Section one has quite a bit of reading, so we will be spending two weeks on it, but I will explain that in the post. In the Facebook group, I will then add the questions as individual threads on the Thursday. This gives us Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to read and Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to answer questions, chat and figure it all out. You will just add your answers to the threads and see what everyone else has answered.  This is NOT set in stone – you follow along at your own pace and ability. I will link all the questions in the pinned post so that those that join late or fall behind can still find the questions for the week they are on and join in. You are NEVER behind! Just read and answer at your own pace – this is about you learning the plan for yourself and that is all that matters. If you get stuck or need help, start a thread and ask. There is no such thing as a silly question and this plan can be hard to get your head around at first. I would much rather you ask and we can all help, than you miss out on learning how to follow the plan for yourself.

The dates for the study are as follows

Section One – 12th June
Section Two – 26th June
Section Three – 3rd July
Section Four – 10th July
Section Five – 17th July
Section Six – 24th July
Follow up – 31st July

The follow up is just time to chat, catch up, get started on plan and ask more questiosn when they arise and so on. There is no end date for the group to close, so you can keep reading and answering as long as you need.


I am really looking forward to our getting started on this study. Please remember, you will only get out of it what you put in and so you need to join in, answer questions, ask questions, chat and support each other if you want to have the best experience.

There will be a new post here on Monday 12th, that I will link in the group.

See you then x


  1. Sonia Rae Warmack

    I didn’t see the free audible book – is it no longer available to can you link to it?



      If you sign up for the free Audible trial as a new customer, then go to Audible and search for “Trim Healthy Mama”. It should bring the book up for you. Then you can purchase it and at the checkout use one of your free credits to pay for it. If you get stuck, let me know x


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