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A little encouragement for today

After yesterdays post about how my life has taken an unexpected turn, I saw this video this morning and it was like a balm to my soul. This is only going to be a very short post today but I think that the message in the video will be enough to cover for that. I hope that this will encourage you today as much as it has me. As I said yesterday, we are all fighting a battle that no one else knows about – encouraging each other through that is vital.


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Know that today that even if God doesn’t take away your pain, your struggle and your hurt – you can still say It is well with my soul if you trust the Lord and have any faith, no matter how small.

If you want to chat to someone about this video or about your own struggle, come and join us in our Facebook group and we can support each other x





And the music video without testimony (for repeated listening which I have been doing all morning)





God bless you today xx

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