Life Right Now – May Edition

Here is the May 2017 edition of Life Right Now!


Today I am… Spending the day blogging and trying to learn more about blogging. I love being able to help people and I love sharing with you, but I have so much to learn! I am trying to read up on blogging, watching YouTube tutorials and generally trying to teach myself how to be a better blogger to make this the best site it can possibly be.
If you know of any resources you think would help me, please let me know in the comments below x


Feeling… Excited! I am enjoying watching this site develop and grow and I am also looking forward to some upcoming projects that will be fun. We also have a friend visiting from Canada at the moment and it is wonderful to spend some time with her as it’s nearly a year since she last visited. It’s all good at the moment! 🙂


Reading… Blogs and magazines! I know this is getting repetative, but I am reading as many different blogs as I can at the moment. When I was a child / teenager, I was addicted to magazines. Some people cheer themselves up or reward themselves with food, others with shopping, for me it was always magazines. It didn’t matter what they were about, I just loved to read and learn. I used to read dozens a month! Now, it is far too expensive to do that. Instead, I read and learn from blogs!


Watching … I haven’t been watching much television as there doesn’t seem to be much worth watching these days. I am fascinated though by the animals and birds that I can see from my work room window. We are very fortunate to live opposite a huge wood that has a stream running through it and so the view from my window is trees, water and lots of animals. I love watching the squirrels most as they are hilarious chasing each other through the trees! We have a pair of  tiny birds, I think they are chaffinch, that are building a nest in the tree that is by our living room window. I can watch those two for hours and I am desperately hoping for baby birds. I won’t need the TV ever again if that happens!


Eating… Still the Trim Healthy Mama way as always. However this month I have been trying some recipes from the cookbook and experimenting a bit. Today we are having the “Wipe your mouth BBQ chicken” which is something we wouldn’t normally try. I’ll let you know how it goes.
If you don’t yet have the cookbook, you can buy it here

Cookbook  US Affiliate Link UK Affiliate Link Canada Affiliate Link



Planning… My blog goals for the year ahead. I love planning. I am not as good at the implementing part, but give me a notebook, calendar and a pen and I could plan any event or goal! I love to break things down into what I want to achieve and by when and then work it all out into day by day steps.
I’m especially good at doing this with plans to workout, but then I struggle to actually get up at 6am and run for an hour :O


Dreaming of… The summer. It is meant to be Spring here in the Uk but it snowed last week and there are still night frosts. I grow our own fruit and vegetables and it is just too cold to plant anything out yet so it might be a slow year for growing food. I am dreaming of it warming up so I can get my Trim Healthy Mama compatible fruit and veggies growing!


Praying…  For life to keep improving. Things haven’t been easy recently and I am praying for our circumstances to improve and life to feel a bit more “normal”. Whatever normal is …


Working On… This blog, again! I am going to mess with the layout and plan some good posts. I also want to add more photos and possibly video, so you can see what life is like here in England. I hope this will be something that you enjoy.


Celebrating… Having our friend here from Canada. She is only here for 12 days so we are making the most of our time with her. It is wondeful to spend time with friends.


Grateful For… My husband. He works hard to try to keep our lives in order and I am very grateful to him for that.


And finally tomorrow I will be… Going out for a meal with our friend. We haven’t eaten out in about four years, so it will be really special to go and eat somewhere other than home. I need to brush up on my Trim Healthy Mama eating out skills!


On my to-do list this month?

Increase my blogging time
Deep clean the house ready for summer
Job hunt as my job is not secure and has limited hours

Let me know what your life right now is like too 😀

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