Kitchen gadgets I love for Trim Healthy Mama

I am on a budget and I follow the Trim Healthy Mama plan as cheaply as possible. I try to make use of what I have in the house and adapt things – you know the score! This blog post, however, is a list of all the kitchen gadgets that have really helped me to follow the plan. I love gadgets and gizmos aplenty and thingummies but not one of these is essential, they just make things that bit easier or more fun!

(And now I am singing the Little Mermaid Song!)

All the UK items are ones I have personally bought, for the US ones I have tried to find the same item, or a very close equivalent with good reviews. As with all products, please do your research and check your own needs before buying.


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Trim Healthy Mama Kitchen Gadgets Blender Instant Pot Crock Pot silicone moulds
These are all the gadgets that I own and love using on the Trim Healthy Mama plan!


The first thing I bought and used on plan was a good spiraliser. These enable you to make noodles out of most vegetables but especially out of courgettes (zucchini). My favourite recipe to make with them is Creamy Bacon Garlic Noodles.

I’m not keen on the spiralisers that look like a giant pencil sharpener. They are a nightmare to clean and the last part of the vegetable gets stuck and won’t turn! The spiraliser I chose, doesn’t have this issue and I think you will like it too.

This is my one

Or the US equivalent seems to be this one


These are easy to use, easy to clean and make brilliant, long noodles.


The next item I bought and love is my mini chopper. This is a mini, hand operated chopper or food mixer that is just big enough for doing small amounts or for doing a big salad for one person. It saves getting a big machines mixer out and can chop salad, vegetables, whip cream and mix liquids. It goes in the dishwasher and sits on the worktop till I need it. I love mine so much and use it all the time. It is also perfect for travelling and on holiday as it doesn’t need any power and can be washed easily and is compact enough to pack.

This is mine

And the US equivalent seems to be


One way to save money on the Trim Healthy Mama plan is to make your own sweeteners. There are lots of recipes out there and I will publish my own very soon. One issue though can be with it being grainy. To get around this, you an use a cheap coffee grinder that you keep just for grinding sweeteners. If you don’t already do this, it will make a massive difference in recipes like Skinny Chocolate and other deserts.

The one I use is this one

And again the US equivalent seems to be this one


Thinking of skinny chocolate and sweet (candy) recipes, one of the most fun things I have bought is silicone moulds. These come in an unending range of designsand let you make professional looking treats at home. One you start looking, you will find these are inexpensive and come in every shape possible. Look for leaves for Autumn (fall), Christmas designs and Easter ones – it is so much fun.


Some of the ones I have are

And again, the US equivalents are


I keep all of mine together in two click lock containers – one full of seasonal designs and one full of regular designs. It’s so fun to look through and choose which ones to use!

One thing that has made the Trim Healthy Mama plan much easier for me is a slow cooker or Crockpot. I organise ingredients into plastic tubs, freeze them in batches and then throw it all in the slow cooker each morning and have on plan meals ready each evening when I finish work. I also like to fill mine with several portions of food and then reheat the next day or even freeze portions for another day. For this reason, I suggest going to for the biggest one you can afford. That way you can deliberately cook extra and save it, which is a great idea for when you are hungry, in a hurry and might risk going off plan.

I have this one

In the US this one looks similar


On the same theme, the Instant Pot has been hugely popular with THM’ers. I don’t yet have one, but they are so good there is even an unofficial Instant Pot Facebook group for Trim Healthy Mama!

The one I think I want to get one day is –

And in the US would be


The final two items are one that I have and one that I really want. They are both blenders and I use mine to make the sippers, big boy smoothies, frappas and other drinks that are on plan. The one I use has two cups with it, so you can mix in the cup and take it with you – something I love to do.

The one I have is

The US equivalent seems to be

But one day I want to own a Nutri Blender like this one here

or the US version


I hope you have enjoyed this post and that it has given you some ideas. If you use the links to purchase then I thank you very much, as we work to grow the blog it is much appreciated.

Finally, I am sorry if you are still singing the Little Mermaid Song – I am too 😀

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