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Staying Encouraged On The Long Journey To A Healthy Weight

Obviously, I am a Trim Healthy Mama (although I’m not a mama, it’s just a loving term for all women on this plan!). I have been fully on plan for two years now and have lost about 60lbs. Reading some of the testimonies on the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook group, I should have been at goal weight by now. In fact, I should have been at goal weight aaaaaages ago 😀 So how do you stay encouraged on the long journey to a healthy weight, when it seems like a much longer journey than for anyone else?


Trim Healthy Mama NSV Encouraged Non-Scale Victory weight loss slow


On the Trim Healthy Mama plan there is a title for those who lose weight slowly, we affectionately call them turtles. Turtles are slow, but if you know the story of the turtle and the hare then you will know that the turtles wins in the end! Slow weight loss is actually really healthy and those that lose slower are usually the ones that keep the weight off long term. Slow weight loss also helps to prevent skin sagging and stretch marks and is easier to adapt to.

Slow weight loss is the best weight loss – but who cares when we just want to see results and wear skinny jeans!!!

So how do you stay encouraged when the weight loss is slow? Trim Healthy Mama doesn’t guarantee weight loss, in fact they say in the opening of the plan book that they don’t guarantee you will lose a single pound in your first month on plan! That to me makes a very refreshing change. I am sure it is the same in the US as it is here with magazines screaming “Lose Ten Pounds In Two days On This Plan” or “Drop A Dress Size Today On This Plan” Everywhere we are being bombarded with the idea that we need to be slim to be happy and successful and the faster we do it the better. Some of these plans are incredibly unhealthy. They recommend starving the body and result in weight loss that is either just water loss or is unsustainable. This is possibly okay if you are wanting to lose weight for one day to wear a special outfit to a major event, but most of us don’t have lives like that – we want long term loss and permanent results.

For me, the way I stay encouraged is to not to look at the weight loss, but to look at the health benefits of being on plan and losing weight. I have less joint pain, I sleep a bit better, my breathing is easier (I have asthma) my cycle is regulated for this first time in my life. People comment on how much better I look. These benefits are all things that the scales can’t show. I could lose wight on a crash diet and still have irregular cycles, joint pain and look unhealthy as I deplete my body of nutrients – I’d be thinner but unhealthier and there doesn’t seem much point to that. On Trim Healthy Mama we celebrate what is called NSV – Non Scale Victories. These are positive things that have happened as a result of following the Trim Healthy Mama plan that have nothing to do with numbers on a weighing scale. This is how you stay encouraged – by celebrating every single NSV!!

Some Non Scale Victories you could enjoy and celebrate are –

Making a healthy choice when eating out
Resisting stress eating on a bad day
Fitting into an outfit that didn’t previously fit
Getting back into your wedding dress
Liking how you look in a photo someone took
Making a THM version of your favourite meal
Starting an exercise plan
Having a positive result at the doctors
Being more active
Being complimented by someone
Losing inches rather than pounds

I know how hard it is when the scales aren’t moving – I’ve been stalled for almost a year now! I’ve felt dispair, I’ve thought about quitting and trying something else for a while (60 day juice fast anyone :O ) I’ve even thought about giving up and going back to my old way of eating – but I know that this is a plan for life and that the health benefits far outweight anything else. I also know that stalling can be a sign that the body is trying to heal itself and I know my body has a lot of healing to do, so I just watch and wait. While I watch and wait I celebrate every little victory I have. I’ve even thought of getting myself a sticker chart to really encourage me with my Non Scale Victories 😀

So what about you? Please comment below and let us know how you stay encouraged on a long weight loss journey.

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