My Trim Healthy Mama Journey So Far … (2 Years on plan)

Next week, 13th May, is my second Trimaversary. I’m very excited to reach two years fully on plan! May 13th 2015 wasn’t the first time we started on the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle though, so I thought it might be helpful and encouraging to tell the story of our THM journey and how we have made the plan both work for us and a part of our whole lifestyle. This is the story of my Trim Healthy Mama journey so far … πŸ™‚

I first started looking at the Trim Healthy Mama plan back in November of 2013. I received the first plan book as a gift from a friend who knew I had been a bit tired and generally unwell and was looking to get healthier. Both my friend and I had become friends after suffering with the same illness, M.E, when we were younger and I was concerned that if I didn’t do something to improve my health I could relapse and become ill again. I read the book, loved the humour, but some parts of it seemed very irrelevant as I am British, live in England and so there were some culteral and food differences. Also, I am not a mama and the title was “Trim Healthy Mama” but I soon realised that it is just an affectionate name for women and the plan is suitable for everyone!


Even my nose is slimmer! 60 lbs gone forever!

The ideas in the book made a lot of sense and I was willing to try anything to feel healthier than I was and stop the slow but steady weight gain I was experiencing. I was about 80lbs heavier than I wanted to be and this was slowly creeping up by a couple of pounds a month no matter what I did. I had tried other ways to get healthy, I had even done a 60 day juice fast after watching the film “Fat, sick and nearly dead” but the weight loss was not sustainable and the eating plan was too restrictive and not suitable for my husband to follow as well. He is also overweight and we needed something we could both follow. Making two lots of meals and leaving him to struggle just wasn’t going to possible – it had to be suitable for both of us or not at all. Β I was physically fit having taken up ballet in my 30’s (I’m 37 now) and going to 4 classes a week. I even passed a ballet exam with merit (RAD Grade 8) while 80lbs too heavy (and about 120lbs heavier than a ballet dancer πŸ˜€ ) I needed to change and Β I decided to throw myself fully into the Trim Healthy Mama plan and see what happened.

That is where it all went very, very wrong! I made the mistake that I believe so many people do and I went for it big style! We started, like all good healthy eating plans do, on January 1st 2014. I threw out all the non plan food, bought every special ingredient I could find on Amazon (which wasn’t easy in England and cost a fortune!) and started making recipes from the book for meals we would never dream of eating if we weren’t “on plan”. I was unhappy, my husband was unhappy and wouldn’t stick to the plan and it just caused more stress than the weight gain! We started eating more non plan meals than plan meals, threw lots of food away and got disillusioned with the whole thing. By March, we had given up.Β I still stayed in the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook groups and saw other people having huge success, but thought that it wouldn’t work for us because of the cultural differences and the lack of special ingredients.

In early 2015, I decided to reread the plan book. I think that you need to read the book at least twice, and refresh your knowledge at least once a year to really “get it”. On that second reading the penny dropped and I finally got it. The ‘secret’ to being on plan, isn’t making all the recipes, adding in the special ingredients, knowing every acronym (NSI, GGMS, ACV etc) and eating weird things.


The secret is to learn how to plan works and then adapt it to what you like to eat!


Once you know the science behind the plan and know what makes up each meal, the plan will work for anyone. You don’t need charts or flow diagrams, counting calories or weighing everything, you just need to know that ingredients matter more than numbers, what fuels different foods you enjoy are and how to put a basic meal together, Once you have done that you have mastered the plan!


After all, if I wanted to count points I would go to weightwatchers and if I wanted to only eat foods off a permissable list I would join Slimming World! I wanted to eat without thinking too much about it, not feel deprived and stick with this for life.


So in May 2015 we started fully on plan. I wrote down all the meals we enjoyed eating and then looked in the plan book for ways to make those meals “On plan”. I also searched Pinterest and blogs for recipes other people had made for the things we loved. That way, our meals didn’t seem to change much in appearance or taste but suddenly they were healthy and slimming! We didn’t feel like we were following a plan but that we were eating as we had always done and that is what I believe will lead to sucess for everyone.

My weight loss was slow but steady. I lost an average of 1lb every two weeks. This has continued for the two years I have been on plan and I am now down about 60lbs. I still have pounds to go, but I am not worried about this as I know that it will happen when my body is ready. I did have a stall at one point for about six months but I saw so many health benefits during that time that I didn’t really mind at all. At no point have I put any of the weight back on and I have not wanted to cheat – the food and treats are good enough without needing to go “off plan”.


60 lbs down and counting!


By April 2016 I was feeling and looking much better and I wanted to help others to do the same. I started this blog and started writing about how we had made the plan work for us. I wrote about my tips for those new to the Trim Healthy Mama plan, talking about how we had started and failed and about doing the plan with no special ingredients. I wrote about how we adapt the meals we like to be “on plan” and how we create the perfect meal plan which you may find helpful if your family complains that they don’t like any of the on plan meals! After seeing many posts about how expensive the plan is I wrote about How we follow the Trim Healthy Mama plan on a very strict budget. This was important to me as my husband was made redundant during our time on plan and we needed to find a way to make it all work, even if we had no regular income or we were really struggling.

I was loving blogging and helping others find the way to make the plan work for them when my budget post was shared on the main Trim Healthy Mama page and I was asked if I would like to become an official Facebook admin! I was honoured and I love the role I have, trying to encourage others to experience the success I have. I am now an admin on the main group, UK group and No Special ingredients groups – all the areas I know and love πŸ™‚ I also run my own, unofficial Facebook group for THM which is linked to this blog, which you can join here. We recently ran the Trim Healthy Mama book study and I planning to run it again soon.

Trim Healthy Mama has become more than an eating plan for us – it has become a way of life. We are more concious of what we put into our bodies, what we use on our skin. We know more about the healthy benefits of certain foods and how to heal our bodies after years of poor nutrition and bad choices. It has been exciting to see and feel the chnages and I still get a thrill when someone asks me if I have lost weight (which happened yesterday πŸ™‚ ) I also fully believe that this is a plan for life and we will never go back to the way we ate or lived before.


My two year trimaversary picture πŸ˜€


If you are new to THM, I wrote a blog series last year about starting the Trim Healthy Mama plan over the course of 30 days. The index to all those posts and the free downloadable version is here.

To celebrate my Trimaversary this month, I am going to posting three times a week on a range of different THM related subjects. Posts are going to include – “How to do the plan with NO special ingredients”, “How I organise my Trim Healthy Mama kitchen”, “Moving from a weight to wellness mindset” and “How to create your own meal planner” I hope you will keep checking back to see what posts will help you.

If you are new to the Trim Healthy Mama plan then you can find the books at the links below. These are affiliate links and I do receive a small ammount for each book purchased. It doesn’t cost you more though. Our full disclosure is in our “About Us” section on the blog home page.


Original plan book US Affiliate Link Β UK Affiliate Link Canada Affiliate Link

New Plan Book US Affiliate Link Β UK Affiliate Link Canada Affiliate Link

Cookbook Β US Affiliate Link UK Affiliate Link Canada Affiliate Link


Or you can download the audiobook for FREE if you are a new Audible US customer. Simply sign up here for two free credits and the search the store for “Trim Healthy Mama”. You’re welcome πŸ˜€

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From a blogging point of view, this blog is called Life In All Its Fullness ( because I wanted to help both myself and others to find a life in all its fullness for themselves. I believe that God wants that for each of us and I am trying to use this blog to find out what that looks like for both myself and others and how we can have the life that Jesus was talking about in the verse John 10 v 10.

I like the New Living Translation of the verse best –

John 10:10 New Living Translation (NLT)

10 The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.

A rich and satisfying life – a life in all its fullness.

I hope this post has helped you and that this blog may be a place that you can find inspiration, help, encouragement and fellowship. Please come and follow us on Facebook to hear about all our posts or join our facebook group for THM here or for general blog chat here. I look forward to building a supportive community πŸ™‚

If you read this far, thank you πŸ˜€ Please go and reward youself with a cup of tea and an on plan treat!!


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