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We have been working on this project for a while and we are very excited to finally launch it – Our Trim Healthy Mama Stores!


We wanted a way to be able to show you which products would be great for you to use on plan and have an easy way for you to buy them and thanks to Amazon we have been able to do just that! We have created two (so far!) Amazon stores – US and UK, that allow us to showcase items that are on plan that you might want to use.


These are affiliate links and, if you choose to use them, we are very grateful as they allow us to continue to provide the blog. All affiliate disclosures are available to read in our “About Us” section. We are not the ones supplying the products, so if you have any issues, please contact Amazon direct and also let us know so we can adjust products as needed.


This content will keep changing as I will continue to search for the best products and the best prices. You can find the links to the stores in the content boxes on the main blog page at any time.


Our Trim Healthy Mama US Store!

Our Trim Healthy Mama UK Store!

We hope this is a great help to you and thank you in advance for shopping with us xx

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