It’s Mayday And My Trimaversary Month! Trim Healthy Mama May!

Hi everyone and happy Mayday! I love the month of May. Usually it is starting to get really warm here in England and the light nights make everything start to feel much better. At the moment, though, that’s just not happening here! There’s been snow and hail and at the moment it is just after midday and I’ve had to put the light on to see my keyboard! It’s so dark and miserable here, but I know that summer is on it’s way so I am happy anyway. May is also special to me as it is my Trimaversary. If you are a Trim Healthy Mama, then you will know that your trimaversary is the date that you started on plan. For me, I have actually started the plan twice but the 13th May 2015 is my trimaversary as I have been fully on plan since then.


What happened to Spring?


As it is my trimaversary, I am going to make this month on the blog Trim Healthy Mama May! This means that my posts will be mainly Trim Healthy Mama themed and I will be doing a giveaway of a copy of the plan book 🙂


Some of the posts that will be coming this month will include my Trim Healthy Mama journey so far, a budget meal planner, how to do the Trim Healthy Mama plan with no special ingredients, growing your own food for the Trim Healthy Mama Plan and my tips for on plan success. As I already explained, May 2015 was actually my second time starting the plan, so I will explain all about what happened, why I had to restart and why I have been so much more sucessful this time around. So far, I have lost 60lbs and have around 30lbs to go to target, so I am really loving the plan.


So tell me what posts would you like to see on the blog this month? Comment below as to what would help you in your Trim Healthy Mama journey. I will help as much as I can. Also check back regularly and especially on May 13th as I will be hosting a plan book giveaway starting on that day as it is my Trimaversary 🙂


Hopefully Spring might have arrived here by then too!


If you don’t know what the Trim Healthy Mama Plan is yet then you can view the books here –

Original plan book US Affiliate Link  UK Affiliate Link Canada Affiliate Link

New Plan Book US Affiliate Link  UK Affiliate Link Canada Affiliate Link

Cookbook  US Affiliate Link UK Affiliate Link Canada Affiliate Link


Or you can download the audiobook for FREE if you are a new Audible US customer. Simply sign up here for two free credits and the search the store for “Trim Healthy Mama”. You’re welcome 😀

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Happy May Everyone!

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