Life Right Now – April 2017 Edition

Here is the April 2017 edition of Life Right Now!


Today I am… Wishing Spring would hurry up. It’s still cold and dreary and I want some sunshine, please!

I’m looking forward to blue skys and Cherry Blossom on the trees.


Feeling… Stressed. Things haven’t been easy recently and I would like some days where I am not stressed out.


Reading… You See Bones, I See An Army by Floyd McClung. This is a fascinating book about a different way to do church and I am finding it inspirational.


US Copy (Affiliate Link)

UK Copy (affiliate link)


Eating… Trim Healthy Mama style as always 🙂 I actually batch cooked this month to keep us fully on plan while I am working and it is going well. I might write up how I did it in a blog post on here for others to read.


Planning… To blog more often and to really make it something that helps others and meets their needs.


Dreaming of… Some sunshine, please!


Praying… for guidance on what God is calling me to do.


Working On… blogging. It seems like everyone is an expert and I am still in the amateur corner. I would love to be a better blogger and to be able to share good content on a regular basis.



Celebrating… Easter very soon. I love Easter and all that it represents, so I am looking forward to that reminder that God has everything under control and even sent his Son to die for me. That is true love.


Grateful For… the nights starting to get lighter. Although my favourite season is Autumn (Fall) and I adore Christmas, I always start to feel a lot happier when Spring arrives with its lighter nights. The clocks change for us at the end of this month and I cannot wait for the evenings to be that little bit sunnier.


And finally tomorrow I will be… working all day at my real job, but planning how to make blogging my real, full time job 🙂


On my to-do list this month?

Organise my new blog planner and share that post here!

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