Finding Your “Why”?

When things are difficult and every day feels like a struggle, you need inspiration. If you read my last post, you will see that I have been looking at books and films that inspire me and make me believe that it is possible for things to change and to change dramatically. God is in the business of change and of making things anew. We are never completely trapped in our circumstances and keeping our eyes on Jesus and taking baby steps each day will always get us to where we need to be – even if it takes a while.

The video I am going to share with you today is something I found on YouTube a while ago. It talks about finding your “why”. If you can find your “why” then every day has purpose.


Once you know your “why” then you can figure out your “what” and then you have a gameplan for life.


For me, my “why” is to lead people to a life filled with God’s purpose. A life that God would have them live and a life that has Christ at the center of it – A life in all its fullness.  I want to see people saved and I want to make a Christ created difference in their lives. My “what” is hopefully my blogging, speaking to people, through community with others and it used to be through preaching (and maybe one day will be again).


I want to teach people about Jesus, the difference He alone can make in our lives and how great the change can be when we embrace His plan for our lives – that’s my “why”.


Once I know my “why” and my “what”, then no matter how difficult each day is or the present circumstances are, I have a purpose and I have a goal. Once I have those, then I have hope and hope can see us through any circumstances at all.

Please watch the video below, it’s only short, and let me know what your “Why” is – I’d love to know. And if you’d like to know more about Jesus, you can email me at

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