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I haven’t written here for a few weeks since the book study. I would like to say that this is because I have been busy and that I have an exciting life, but it’s not. I haven’t written here because we lost our home broadband due to being broke. This is a difficult post to write, because every blog I read is written by people who seem to have it all together and I am so far from that right now that it feels almost physically painful to admit. It feels even worse when I write a blog about ‘Life In All Its Fullness’ and at the moment I feel like we are barely scraping a life together. Other bloggers seem to have such imprssive lives and if they had problems before, they are all solved now – whereas we are right in the middle of the storm and not sure whether we will make it to shore.

It is incredibly difficult to admit when you are struggling and life isn’t going well, especially when you are a Christian and things are meant to go good for you, but the truth is that having Jesus in your life doesn’t mean an easy life. There will be difficulties, there will be struggles and hardships. They may be your own doing, they may just happen to you, but difficult times will come and how you handle them decides whether you have life in all its fullness or not.

That is so easy to say “Handle the difficult times well and you will still have a life in all its fullness”. I can guarantee right now that if you are like us and struggling to find your next meal and losing sleep over where the next rent payment is coming from, you won’t be able to see the truth in that statement. Many days I am unable to see that truth either, but I still know in my heart that it is the truth.

A life in all its fullness isn’t about having the latest things. It’s not about living well, good food, clothing, friends and a big church family. A life in all its fullness to me feels like a life with Christ at the center of it, living the way he would want me to live in the circumstances I find myself in – no matter how difficult or dire they seem. It can be hard to think about life in all its fullness when you are barely scraping a life together – but God knows, and we can trust him and he will see us through.

When times are hard, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel and when you do catch a glimpse of it, you think its an express train coming towards you! But step by step, day by day, even hour by hour sometimes, we can make it. We know we can make it because God promises that we will.

I want to encourage you right now that if times are hard, that if no one around you knows you are struggling and you’re hiding it so well that no one would ever guess – I know, and I get it. No matter what your struggle is, whether it is money, job, health, grief, clutter, family issues, relationships or all of the above – it doesn’t matter what it is, you can get through this and you can have the life God intended you to have. It’s about putting your hand in His, doing what you can do and letting God do what you can’t do and tiny step by tiny step you will get there. As long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other, you will make it.

As for us, we have broadband back at the moment, and I intend to get back to blogging. Writing is something that I love and I want to allow God to use me to encourage and help others on this journey to us all achieving a life in all its fullness. It’s not about having a life that is perfect, a movie family and job to match, but about waking up each day knowing who we are in Christ, what our purpose is and knowing that in whatever small way we do it, that we are living the life God wants us to live and making the difference just where he places us. The joy and satisfaction that comes from that, even if everything else around us is a struggle, will be better than any multi-million pound paycheck could ever be!

We can do this, I’m praying for us all x

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