Trim Healthy Mama Book Study – Week Six


NEW BOOK – Read: Pages 263-296 (Chapters 29-32)

ORIGINAL BOOK – Chapters 31, 33, 36, 40.


The last four chapters of the book cover some of the essential next steps to our journeys towards trim and healthy – From exercise and skin care to finding balance and continuing
forward in this lifelong way of eating. Let’s enjoy the discussion, and truly celebrate how far we’ve come already!


1) What is your exercise background? Are you a fitness newbie or a weekend warrior? Does the idea of exercising make you cringe or are you very active with hours of intense exercise every week?

2) What is meant by the phrase “take it easy and don’t exercise? in the exercise chapter?” What types of exercise is this talking about? What should we still include in day-to-day life?

3) Why is it difficult for females to maintain a “shredded” lean, muscular physique? What happens physically when a woman drops below 20 percent body fat?

4) What does Isaiah 40:11 say about how God leads us, especially mothers? Does this jive with intense “bootcamp” workouts or long hours at the gym?

5) How can we determine if a diet trend or fad will stand the test of time? What do we measure it against?

6) Were we designed to live in perfect, sterile bubbles? Why do we need a little bit of everything, including the imperfections?

7) What does Proverbs 17:22 compare a merry heart to? Are the benefits to exercising with joy and a carefree spirit just emotional or physical as well?

8) Chapter 29 (Balance is Beautiful) shares that we will need to protect our own balance from the constant new waves of tangents, fads and trends. What is one way that you can do that?

9) How does “Do your best, don’t sweat the rest” apply to your own personal Trim and Healthy journey?
Complete the “Stay Grounded in Sane Simple Solutions” worksheet, and take optional “during” photos to record your progress both on and off the scale.

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