Trim Healthy Mama Book Study – Week Five


New Book – Pages 214-259 (Chapters 24-28)

Original Book – This week is more new material that wasn’t really covered in the original book. Chapter 35 covers the topic of men on plan but the other information, vegetarians, allergy mamas and turtle losers has been added recently. You should be able to get the answers though from posts that have been made on the THM Facebook groups and other discussions.

Introduction This week we’re exploring how to make the Trim Healthy Mama Plan fit the needs of those with health and metabolism issues that make weight loss painfully slow. We’ve also learned how guys, vegetarian and allergen free mamas can tweak the plan to fit their needs. Maintenance mode may seem FAR off for some of us, but it’s so helpful to see how to make this way of eating work long term. Let’s recap some of what we’ve learned and encourage each other today.

1) Do regular weight loss stalls and/or slower losses of around ½ pound per week make you a Turtle Loser?

2) What are some potential causes of weight loss stalls? How can we support our bodies during this time? Should you ever start the plan with a Fuel Cycle as described in the Turtle Loser’s chapter?

3) Discuss some specific ways that Turtle mama’s can tweak the plan to fit their needs. How can the Fuel Cycle help you understand more about the plan and what might it teach you?

4) Are you a vegetarian mama or one who has to adapt to allergies and food sensitivities? What is one way that you can tweak the plan to fit your needs?

5) How do 3 John 1:2 and Deuteronomy 30:19 apply to our health and weight loss journeys?

6) What are some special considerations for men on the Trim Healthy Mama Plan?

7) How will you continue trim and healthy eating after you’ve reached your weight loss goals? What are the benefits to eating this way long term?

8) Have you often found yourself trapped in the brambles of guilt and shame from falling off the path of healthy eating choices? How does God respond to our mistakes? How can we apply His grace and forgiveness to our lives?

9) What is one way you can “choose life” in your trim and healthy journey this week?

For More Fun Take the “You Know You’re a Trim Healthy Mama IF…” Quiz and see how you score!

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