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Trim Healthy Mama Book Study – Week Four


This week’s reading was all about fine-tuning the plan to fit specific needs and circumstances, and really taking the time and effort to make it your own. Whether you’re a Drive Thru Sue or an ardent Purist, whether you live on a tiny budget or are constantly on the go and pressed for
time, the Trim Healthy Mama Plan can work for you! Let’s help each other make that a reality as we discuss and brainstorm together.

In the new book read pages 163 – 213 (chapters 19-23)

In the original book it’s harder to find the same info. These short chapters are about specific help for each type of eater, eg drive through Sue etc. The questions should be able to prompt you enough to learn what you need but you might want to read through chapters 1-4 to remind yourself of each type.

1 – Which of the following lifestyle factors apply to how you will work the Trim Healthy Mama Plan?
(It’s quite likely that more than one will fit!) Are you a Drive Thru Sue or a Purist? A Budgeting, Working (outside the home) or Pregnant and/or Nursing Mama?

2 – Are you someone who prefers structured, planned out menus and meal times, or do you prefer taking things one meal or day at a time?

3 – Like Esther, (Esther 4:14) we have been born into a specific age and time in history with a God given plan and purpose for our lives. How can we apply that truth to our current circumstances, whether it’s budget or time limitations or the quality of foods available to us?

4 – What are some simple snacks and meals that require no special ingredients that you can implement frequently in your Trim Healthy journey?

5 – How can just a few minutes here and there spent on food prep each week help you stay on plan and help save time and money?

6 – Why is it important to make this plan your own, instead of relying on one-size-fits-all recipes and generic menus?

7 – How can we protect ourselves from the “everything-is-out-to-kill-ya” mindset? What steps can we take to abolish purism stress and choose peace over perfection?

8 – What special considerations should pregnant and nursing mamas take to make the plan fit their specific needs?

9 – What is one small step you can take to make the Trim Healthy Mama Plan fit your unique circumstances this week?

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