Trim Healthy Mama book study

Trim Healthy Mama Book Study – Section Three

This week we are starting to look at some of the special ingredients that can help enhance the Trim Healthy Mama plan and it’s health benefits. This is where the plan can start to be quite fun! Theer are not many questions this week but they are really interesting and a great way to further your knowledge of how the plan can work best for you.

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Reading –

New book –
Pages 163- 213 Chapters 14 through 18

Original book –
Chapter 13 (page 128)
Chapter 17 (page 176)

1 -How can regularly eating on-plan treats help in resisting the temptation of sugary, processed

2 – Romans 2:4 tells us it is God’s kindness that leads us to repentance. How can we be more like
our heavenly Father in responding to our own planned detours or slip-ups?

3 – Which of the “Affordable Superfoods” listed in Chapter 17 do you already enjoy? Are there any
that you haven’t tried?

4 – Are the “Specialty Food Stars” (in Chapter 18) essential to the Trim Healthy Mama Plan? What
specialty foods interested you the most? Was anything on the list already in your pantry?

5 – Is your family going to be on-plan (with healthy Crossovers if needed) or are you on this journey
alone? What is the biggest challenge you face in this area? What steps can you take to
overcome (or endure) this challenge?

6 – Are you more inclined to “treat” yourself by sticking to delicious nourishing foods, or do you lean
towards occasional off-plan “cheats” for special circumstances?
What would you order for an on-plan meal at your favorite restaurant?

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