Trim Healthy Mama Study Guide

Trim Healthy Mama Book Study – Week Two



ORIGINAL BOOK – CHAPTERS 12, 15 AND 24 (PAGES START AT 120, 156, 391) (The original book is missing some info in the new book, I will explain below)

The chapters we are looking at this week cover –

Snacking, Just the numbers (not in original book), higher learning (not in the original book), thirsty and sweet. The numbers and higher learning chapters are looking at the more advanced numbers of grams of fat and carbs in meals and are not essential and the original book members of the group will be able to pick up those details when we discuss the questions and could write them into their books.


Section 2 – 10 questions in total

1 – Do you consider yourself more of a Grazing Grace or a Three Meal Mandy?

2 – How do the natural cycles described in Ecclesiastes 3 give us wisdom into our eating habits? What pleasures are we robbed of by constant snacking? How do long breaks between meals affect the metabolism?

3- What steps can you take to make sure your snack times are meaningful and savored?

4 – What is the difference between a trim and healthy desert and a regular, sugar laden treat? Is it ok to frequently eat deserts that are nourishing, anchored in protein and easy on your blood sugar levels?

5 – Why are fuel types always more important that nutrition label numbers?
How can knowing the ‘numbers’ help with choosing on plan foods?

6 – Briefly describe the different types of S meals. Is this information something you should be concerned with right away? Did anyone here skip through this chapter knowing it will be too much to digest at first? If you did read through it, how can this knowledge help you long term?

7 – What are some of the benefits of using pure stevia extract or blends during your journey of weight loss? How does this God made natural sweetener compare with man-made artificial sweeteners? Are you the type that needs lots of sweet treats to keep you happy and not feeling deprived on your trim healthy journey or will your prefer to do the plan rarely eating deserts and instead choose to use honey or coconut sugar for a rare treat?

8 – What does Proverbs 25 v 27 say about honey? How do our modern lifestyles differ from those in Bible times? Does that affect how much honey we can wisely consume?

9 – Focusing on the CAN have’s – what foods and beverages do you already enjoy that fit into Trim and Healthy food choices?

10 – What is one baby step you can take this week towards learning to enjoy on plan sweeteners?

If you have the downloaded the official Trim Healthy Mama  study guide then have a look at the Can-Have quiz.

Any problems or questions that come up with the reading you can ask here in group and we can all help.

Happy Reading!

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