Trim Healthy Mama Book Study

Trim Healthy Mama Book Study – Week One

Welcome everyone to section one of the Trim Healthy Mama Book Study! We are really excited to have you here.

If you haven’t already, please join our lovely community on Facebook right here. We are a lovely group of ladies who are all going to go through the plan together and support each other towards our health goals.

If you’re new and not sure how this study is going to work, please have a read of this blog post here.

Below are the details for the reading and questions for section one. We have two weeks to cover section one as there is quite a bit of reading and some people are still waiting for books to arrive. If you haven’t got the plan books yet, you can find them in the links below. You can use either book for the Trim Healthy Mama book study.

Original plan book US Affiliate Link  UK Affiliate Link Canada Affiliate Link

New Plan Book US Affiliate Link  UK Affiliate Link Canada Affiliate Link


For this week, concentrate on the reading, just keeping the questions in mind. Next Monday, the 16th January, I will post the questions in group and we will all then have a week to answer them and explore what they mean for us and how to implement the information. As always, feel free to share experience, ask any questions, feedback how Trim Healthy Mama works for you and support each other.

If you get stuck at all, check the pinned post in group – the latest information and links will always be found in there.


Remember – you will only get out of this study what you put into it, so joining in fully with the group will give you the best experience. Reading the answers and hoping it will teach you the plan, is not enough!! You’re only cheating yourself that way!


You can fill in your answers in your printed study guide, a notebook or straight into your plan book (If you are an annotator like I am!) Whatever works best for you. This is your book study, so adapt it to how you learn best. Be honest with your answers, it’s only by being honest with yourself that you will make the changes you need to make.

In the original book you need to read –
Pages 1 through 155 plus pages 543 to 548 (Chapters 1 – 14 and chapter 36)
In the new book you need to read –
Pages xi – 78, and 263 – 264 up to ‘When you’re ready’



1 – Do you relate to any of the diet types – Whole grain Jane, drive through Sue? Which one or two fit you best?
2 – What has been your biggest struggle with your current, or past, diet or way of eating?
3 – What food groups did God give his people in Deuteronomy 14 v 4 and 32 v 13 – 14? How does these differ from today’s dietary guidelines?
4 – Briefly describe the difference between ‘S’ Satisfying and ‘E’ Energising meals.
5 – What is so great about ‘FP’ Fuel Pull foods? Why is it important not to overdo Fuel Pull Meals?
6 – What is the difference between an ‘XO’ Crossover and a Cheat? What are some of the reasons for choosing to eat a crossover meal?
7 – What are some of the foods listed in the ‘S’ and ‘E’ chapters that you may have previously considered as unhealthy or fattening?
1 – Do you prefer to gently work your way into plan, or would you rather dive in head first and learn as you go?
2 – Are you at peace with the fact that your trim and healthy journey will be very different from others in this group and that you may lose weight more slowly or quickly depending on your age, sex, unique metabolism, history of dieting and approach to starting the plan?
3 – How will you encourage yourself if your progress is not as fast as you would like it to be or if you feel like you have failed meals or full days or make mistakes during the learning curve?
4 – Why is it important to fuel our bodies during weight loss? What message does restricting fuels or foods send to our bodies?
5 – Why do we need to allow times of rest between fuelling?
6 – What is one small change or baby step towards trim and healthy that you can make in this coming week?
Happy Reading everyone, please share any questions and concerns and chat and we can get through this Trim Healthy Mama Book Study together 🙂


  1. Jeanna

    What is the pinned post? Is it what you post on Facebook that comes from you?



      Yes, it’s on facebook. It’s the post pinned to the very top of the group that lets you know the most important information x


  2. Sylvia Bennett

    there are so many questions here. Does this cover several weeks



      There are new questions every week, but feel free to join in as much as you can. Have you joined the Facebook group yet?


  3. Sandra Keske

    I cannot find answers/discussion for the end of Week l-2. I don’t see anything dated Jan 16. Am I following wrong?



      Come and join us in the Facebook group for all the chat and answers –


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