The Bible For A Year Project (TBFAYP) End Of Week One

We have reached the end of the first week of the year! It seems so shocking that Christmas was two weeks ago today! Time is already flying past! If you decided to join us in our Bible For A Year Project this year, then we are one week down, fifty one to go 🙂


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There is still time to join in, especially with the Bible in a year project. The Bible in 90 days will start again on April 1st, so if you missed out this time, mark it in your diaries now!

Even though it has only been one week, we have covered a lot of ground in the Bible on both reading plans and I hope you are starting to find a rhythmn and routine to your reading. I have found that the best routine for us is to listen to the Bible in a year app while eating breakfast and then to do my Bible in 90 days reading straight afterwards. This means I have both done (You don’t need to be doing both, I explain why I am in the TBFAYP overview post) before I need to start work and before I get tired and tied up with the day. Your best time of day might be in the evening, you just need to make it work best for you so that you can find a rhythm and routine and keep with it. It is really easy to miss a day and get discouraged and give up altogether and so keeping on everyday is the secret to completing the project.

Now we are settled into a routine, I will start adding extra information and posts from this week onwards as we explore what the Bible has to say for our lives today. The whole point of this project was to turn more to the Bible and less to outside sources of information on what a Life In All Its Fullness should look like – and now it is time to start doing that. Each Sunday there will be a new post on a new topic of life, and what the Bible has to say about how we should approach it or handle it. I am looking forward to exploring the Bible in this way and seeing what subjects come up each week to study.


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Keep on reading and see you next Sunday x

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