The Bible For A Year Project – Bible In A Year Overview

If you have read this post here then you will know what this project is all about!

This post is for those that want to follow The Bible For A Year Project (TBFAYP) by starting with The Bible In A Year Challenge.

Reading the whole Bible can be a very daunting task, yet it is really important to know what God has to say to us in His word. Reading the whole Bible in a year makes it much more manageable and means that you can spend some time in study each day learning what it all means. The Bible in a year should take about 20 minutes a day to do, so can be a good family activity. My husband and I are going to follow it as a part of our breakfast routine, but you can make it work for you and your situation.

The Bible in a year usually consists of reading some Old Testament, some New Testament and some Psalms and Proverbs. This feels easier than just reading cover to cover as the Old Testament can be difficult to read at times.

There are lots of resources available to help us to read. You are also welcome to listen to the Bible in a year if what works better for you – the important thing is to be hearing and taking in God’s word, how you do that is up to you to decide.

We like two different listening apps – Bible In One Year made by the people who make the Alpha Course and The Daily Audio Bible . Both are a great way to hear the word and have commentary on the text as well – which is really helpful. I think we are going to follow the Alpha one this year, but it is entirely your choice.

If you prefer a straight reading plan, then there is a great one here that you can print and follow.

The destination is the important part, not how you get there!

If you would like to take part, then please come and join us in our Facebook chat group here. SUpporting each other is the best way to succeed in a challenge like this and being able to talk as we study is great fun and really helpful.

See you there!

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