The Bible For A Year Project – Bible In 90 Days Overview

If you have read this post here then you will know what this project is all about!

This post is for those that want to follow The Bible For A Year Project (TBFAYP) by starting with The Bible In 90 Days challenge.

The Bible in 90 days challenge takes about 45 minutes a day to do. There are 88 days of reading and two grace days. It involves reading cover to cover without actual study, just reading.

I have many different opinions on whether this is a good idea, so I will give my views on the subject. For me, this challenge works well. I like the intensity of reading and find that reading through so quickly means that the stories flow and are still fresh in your mind each day. Reading this quickly enables you to remember what you read in the Old Testament when you reach the New Testament and so enables you to see the fulfillment of prophesy and how the whole Bible fits together as a whole. Not getting caught up in studying, reading notes or writing things down means that you just focus on letting the Bible tell its own story without distraction and I have found that to be really helpful.

This challenge requires dedication and discipline. If you miss more than a couple of days then it is extremely hard to get back on track – I know because I failed my first 90 days challenge when I missed a few days and tried to catch up in a couple of reading sessions – you just get overwhelmed! To succeed, you need to schedule the time to read, preferably in one lump of time, but whatever works best for you. Schedule it as an appointment in your diary that cannot be moved so that you know you have the time to read and complete the challenge. 90 days takes us from the 1st January to 31st March (we can then start again on April 1st for anyone that missed out this time or wants to continue to read in this way)

If you would like to join in then you can download a bookmark with all the reading details here along with many other Bible in 90 days resources to encourage you. There is even a completion certificate to put on your fridge when you have finished reading! These are from a site that originally started the challenge and I am very grateful that they freely give these resources for anyone to use. Another great website is Moms Toolbox which is where I first discovered this reading challenge about 6 years ago.

If you do decide to do the Bible in 90 days challenge, then please come and chat in the dedicated Facebook group here. I don’t mind if there is just a couple of us, but encouraging each other really helps us to stay on track and to get through this together.

I really look forward to discovering what God has to say to us through his word.


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  2. Senkyoushi

    I am doing this reading schedule right now for the first time. I am actually ahead. I had some extra time and so decided it might be good to get ahead instead of playing catch up if I got behind.



      Good plan! Welcome to the book study 🙂


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