Thinking Ahead To A New Year And A New Project – The Bible For A Year

I know we haven’t had Christmas yet, but I am already thinking ahead to a shiny new year. I love making resolutions and making plans for what I am going to change in a new year – it feels such a special time to have a fresh start again. One thing I do at new year, is plan what books I want to read in the year ahead. I always get at least one book at Christmas too – I really do love reading!

I mainly love factual books, I don’t read many fiction books or novels. Even as a child, I would use the library and get mhy full allowance of twelve books out each time, but they would factual books – “how to”, history or Christian books. I have a kindle and I spend hours going through the lists of free books that are available so I can satisfy my appetite for reading without breaking the bank.

Recently, this has been weighing on my mind. It seems that when I have a problem with finances, I read books on money. When I have an issue with faith, I read books on faith and trials. When I am wondering what my life should look like, I read books written by Christian women who I think have it all together. There is nothing wrong with this and these books are a great help, but recently I have been challenged by the fact that I don’t go to THE book – The Bible and seek my wisdom and answers straight from there instead of through others. What would happen if my first place to look for answers was God’s word rather than mans? How much can I trust mans word now anyway, when people say there are different ‘interpretations’ of the Bible and what it says? How do I know who is right and who is wrong and may lead me from Gods will?

You may have heard of a great British Evangelist called Smith Wigglesworth, if not, have a look here and here. He was illiterate as a child and was taught to read using the Bible and famously said it was the only book he ever read. He had power, annointing and wisdom and that cannot be a coincidence! This has challenged me, what would my life look like and how would I behave if I only read the Bible?  Could that be the first and only place I turn to for guidance, wisdom, reassurance and help? Would I then truly start moving towards the ‘Life In All Its Fullness’ that I believe God wants us to have and is the purpose of this blog?

Smith Wigglesworth

This year for Christmas I am wanting to get a new Bible. My current Bible is heavily highlighted and annotated and I really feel like a fresh start. That phrase again – “Fresh start” – seems to be something I am craving in my life! A new Bible  and a new year seems like the perefect time to set myself a challenge – could I spend an entire year reading just the Bible and seeking all my answers there? When I have a worry or a query, could I avoid my kindle and instead pick up the Bible and see exactly what God says about it? Could I stop reading blogs, Facebook groups and magazines as well? Stop turning elsewhere for ideas and encouragement and instead get it from the source? Could my focus be God first, man second?

At the moment I am just trying to think out loud. I am not sure what form this project would take but I am curious and excited. Would anyone else be interested in following a project like this? I’m thinking of starting with a 90 day Bible challenge to get a full read through / overview of the whole Bible and then study more from there? Or maybe a Bible in a year challenge with further study alongside? Or maybe just see what comes up in life and then consult the Bible for advice? Has anyone else done something like this before and can give me guidance? I’m thinking of calling it “The Bible For A Year Project” and I would love for others to join in too.

I’m thinking this would be interesting to blog through to support anyone else who wants to do the same, but also to document what I learn and how it changes things. I may also start a Facebook group for us to talk and support each other.

Please comment below if you have any ideas, input, questions or would like to be involved.


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