Thinking Ahead To Christmas When You’re A Trim Healthy Mama

Two months today is Christmas day! This makes me so happy. Christmas is near enough to start making plans and getting excited but not quite near enough to start panicking and having to get everything done!! That makes this the perfect time to start thinking ahead to the festive season to make it everything you want it to be. If you are a Trim Healthy Mama then taking some time to plan now for the holiday season will be a huge help when it does get here.


So much of Christmas is tied up in traditions and food is an emotive part of that.
So much of Christmas is tied up in traditions and food is an emotive part of that.


One of my favourite things about Christmas is all the tradition and familiarity of it all. Every year is the same, same music, same decorations, same ways to celebrate and the same food. Food is so closely associated with Christmas – mince pies, stollen, turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes, Christmas pudding, chocolate logs – so much of what we associate and remember about Christmas is linked to what we eat. That’s why it can be difficult to think about how to handle Christmas when we’re trying to eat healthily.

The brilliant thing about Trim Healthy Mama, is that it is a way of eating for life and it suits a wide range of people. Whether you are a purist, drive through Sue or a mixture of all the different women characterised in the plan book, each one will handle Christmas differently. I identify with a mixture of them all and I think we all do, to some extent.


Christmas treats can evoke many happy memories
Christmas treats can evoke many happy memories


Last year was our first Christmas since we had gone fully on plan and I did not know how to handle it!I ended up having to make decisions on the spot and that does not usually end well! That’s why this year I am starting to plan ahead now.

Really, you have a few different options. The main ones are –

*Stay on plan completely and make your festive food fit the plan
*Stay on plan but eat more crossovers so you can have more options but limit any health impact
*Stay on plan most of the time, but take the key days off, like Christmas and New Year
*Go off plan and start again in January
*A mixture of all of the above.

With Trim Healthy Mama being a life long plan, there is no right or wrong answer to these questions and everyone has to make their own decision. Things to ask yourself are –

*Am I worried about jeopardising my success so far?
*Am I worried about offending people if I refuse their food over Christmas?
*Can I make ‘on plan’ versions of our Christmas food?
*If I choose to go off plan, can I quickly get back on or will it lead to more temptation?
*Can I make and take my own food choices if I have parties and events to go to?
*Can I plan ahead for each event to make healthy choices.
*Does what I choose to do affect the way others in my family eat? (If other members are on plan too)
*How can I avoid temptation if I want to stay on plan?
*What can I do now to minimise stress and effort when Christmas does arrive?

This is your plan and your decision, only you can decide what is best for you.


With a bit of planning, you can make 'on plan' treats and not feel like you're missing out at all.
With a bit of planning, you can make ‘on plan’ treats and not feel like you’re missing out at all.


Why not start to give it some thought and reasearch now? Have a quiet couple of hours with a notebook and pen, some Christmas music and a cuppa and have a think about how you want to handle the festive season. Have a search on Pinterest (our Christmas treat board is right here! ), have a look through the cook book and see what you fancy making. You could even have a look at this post here and use the tips to make a Christmas plan. Simply write out what you would ‘normally’ eat over the festive season and then go item by item through and see what substitutions or changes you could make to have the meals be ‘on plan’.

It is possible to really celebrate and enjoy Christmas and yet stay on plan and make healthy choices – it just takes a bit of planning and that is what you have the chance to do now.

An extra note – if you decide to not stay on plan over the festive season, that’s ok. The Trim healthy Mama plan is a way of eating for life and sometimes life gets in the way or we choose to make food decisions that are not THM friendly. The only thing that matters is that you make the right decision for you, for the right reasons and if you do decide to go off plan, don’t make it a permanent decision or something you regret. Remember, as the book says, you are only three hours away from starting again so have some grace and compassion towards yourself if you do make a ‘bad decision’ or a ‘mistake’ or even a deliberate off plan food choice. You are worth that.

Next week I will be sharing my Christmas meal plan and what we intend to eat for the festive season. I would love to hear what you are planning too and how you handle the holidays. If you have blog posts on this subject, please share them in the comments below. If you have recipes or Christmas Pinterest boards, please also share them – it all helps!

Thank you for sharing and enjoy your Christmas planning! xx

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