Exercise – How To Find What You Love And Why It Matters

We all feel a bit better for some exercise. Moving burns stress hormones and releases happy hormones and the great feeling after we work out is really worth it. So why do we often avoid exercising as much as possible? Why, when we know how much good it does, do we not want to do it everyday?

I loved the feeling after exercise, I just hated the feeling beforehand!

I have found that the best way to begin to really make exercise a part of your life, is to find something that you really love to do. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it raises your heart rate and makes you a little bit out of breath and sweat, that is exercise!


Running can be more fun with a friend to chat to
Running can be more fun with a friend to chat to


Finding out what you enjoy is the very best way to start properly looking after your body. When you find an exercise that you love, then doing it becomes much easier, you want to do it so you have less guilt and your body feels better for it. That is why taking some time to find out what you enjoy is so very important.

Some people love going to the gym. I love running on the treadmill so much that I have my own at home! For some people, that would be akin to being tortured! Everyone is different and that’s a good thing!


For me, the secret to getting my exercise was finding something I loved and was passionate about.


For me, that is ballet.


I love ballet!
I love ballet!


As a child I was desperate to dance. I wanted ballet lessons, but my parents said it was too expensive. I decided that when I was old enough to take classes, I would do. Sadly I was almost 30 before I found my first adult beginner class but I am so glad I did. Because I enjoy ballet so much it doesn’t feel like exercise. I add in extra classes because I want to improve and I add in other classes, like Pilates, for the same reason. Once you find something you enjoy, it is easy to make it a habit as you want to do it!

For you it might be a racket sport. Running. Swimming. Home workouts with DVD’s or YouTube. Cycling. Zumba. Dancing. Walking. Gardening.


Swimming both indoors or outdoors is great full body exercise
Swimming both indoors or outdoors is great full body exercise


One easy way to start the thinking process is to think about when you were a child. What did you enjoy spending days doing in the summer? Were you always in the water – try swimming. Were you always dancing about – try Z. Were you always out on your bike – try cycling. Think what brought you pleasure when you weren’t caught up in ‘adult’ thinking mode and start there. If you have children, watch what they enjoy doing and join in! Not only will you both enjoy it but it sets a good example for them when you take care of your health as an adult.


Cycling is always fun as a child, why not as an adult?
Cycling is always fun as a child, why not as an adult?


If you haven’t exercised in a while, that’s ok. The beauty of starting an exercise plan for yourself is that you can set your own pace. If you want to start cycling, it doesn’t mean you have to cycle ten miles on the first day. Just ride around the block, get your heart beating and then go a little further the next day. It is a bit of a cliché but baby steps really will get you where you want to go – definitely faster than no steps at all! Start small and increase it slowly and you will feel your body adapt and your fitness increase and that is a very exciting feeling. Soon you begin to crave pushing your body further and then you start to really love it.


Why not see if there is a local group that meets to play a sport you love?
Why not see if there is a local group that meets to play a sport you love?


As with any physical movement, always be careful, especially when you are first starting. If you haven’t exercised in a while then it is always a good idea to get a quick doctors check to make sure there are no reasons to not exercise. If it has been a while, start really small and stay close to home. Make sure you carry a phone and anything you might need while out like a drink to keep hydrated or medicines like inhalers that may be needed when exercising. If you feel pain, stop! There is a difference between the good pain of sore muscles that are getting used and the pain of injury. If you do find yourself injured, then take the appropriate rest and advice.


Exercise can be a treat, it doesn’t have to be torture!


Here are some fun ideas for exercise to get you thinking

Dance classes like ballroom or ballet
Ten Pin Bowling
Swimming (Indoors or outdoors)
Fitness classes
YouTube videos


The possibilities are endless 🙂


I would love to hear what exercise you enjoy doing and if you have more ideas! Share them with us in the comments section and inspire someone else to try something new 😀


  1. Jane Ryan

    I really enjoy zumva and yoga


    1. heather@liaif.net

      I love zumba too. I like anything that doesn’t feel like exercise – especially if it makes me laugh. I haven’t tried yoga though, just pilates.


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