Making A Pampering Treats Box

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I love a little treat! I’m one of those rare people who gets really excited by toiletry gift boxes at Christmas! I love getting lots of different bubble baths and soaps in fragrances I would never consider buying and I look forward to seeing what I get each year.

There is something really special about looking through the sets and choosing what to try to pamper yourself or to have a little treat and that feeling is where this idea came from.


Choose a really pretty box to make it feel special
Choose a really pretty box to make it feel special


I have a little pampering box. It is fairly small and sits on a shelf until I need it. Inside I have stashed every miniature, freebie and sample of toiletries, shampoo, soap, make up, perfume and so forth that I can get my hands on. If there is a sachet in a magazine, in it goes. If a friend stays in a hotel, I ask them to bring me back any spares and in they go. If I am at a make up counter and they have samples, in they go too. Slowly but surely, my box has filled up into a little treasure trove.

Then the fun part …

If I’m having a bad day, fancy a treat or I’m going out somewhere special, then I go ‘shopping’ in my box and pull out some treats to try. Maybe a new miniature shower gel and body lotion followed by a new perfume. Maybe a new tiny bar of soap for hand washing that leaves my hands smelling beautiful. Maybe a new shampoo and conditioner sachet to give my hair a treatment. Whatever I feel like when I go rummaging in there I give a go.


This is inside my current treat box!


It’s such a fun thing to do and would make a lovely gift too for a teenager or someone who is having a difficult time and needs a pick me up.

Why not create your own? All you need is a special box with a lid. About shoebox size. In fact, a shoebox covered in pretty paper would be ideal. Then start to fill it with little bits and pieces of luxury and travel sizes of things you would love to try.

There are lots of places to look for suitable fillers. Try magazine freebies and samples, make up counters, an Avon or other make up rep, summer sales for travel size bottles, hotels and spas for free trial sizes. If you get really stuck or want to get started quickly, try doing an eBay search for ‘samples’ and see how many cheap lots there are on there for bundles of samples that would be perfect. Another idea is to ask at perfume counters for samples of fragrances you’ve always wanted to try and then stash them in your box for special occasions. There are even websites where you can sign up to receive samples and apply for free trial sizes and it is always really fun when they arrive in the post!


Have your own spa night from the goodies in your box and make yourself feel really special
Have your own spa night from the goodies in your box and make yourself feel really special


Once you start looking for these things, you can find them everywhere!

If you’re not into toiletries, then think of other treats to fill your box with. Different individual flavoured tea bags, sachets of hot chocolate, trial size bags of sweets and treats, stickers and fun stationery items, samples of soap powder and cleaning products for those that love housework -literally anything that is small and a little bit different would make a great treat box!

The idea is not to spend a lot of money but to create a lot of joy!

So what do you think? Could a treat box be something that you could use to treat yourself? What would you put in yours? Or, if you were making one for someone else, what would you include in it? Do you already have something like this, and if so, what do you put in it and where do you find the things from?

Let me know how it works for you x

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