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30 Days and 30 Tips for Trim Healthy Mama Beginners – Free Download

Here is the link to your printable version of the 30 days and 30 tips for starting the Trim Healthy Mama Plan!

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30 Days and 30 Tips For Starting The Trim Healthy Mama Plan

This has been created to help beginners get started on the Trim Healthy Mama plan or to help anyone who is a bit stuck get going on plan again. It is all the posts from the blog series in a printable, easy to read format. I hope it helps. Let me know how you get on with the series!

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  2. carol Wagner

    I am very technically challenged and don’t know how to download things or copy & paste. Other sites I download things & they just go somewhere(I don’t know where) and I can open them later. I didn’t want to do the PDF thing, cause it said it may change things on my computer & I was afraid to do it. Is there any way I can get this other than doing that? Sorry I’m so ignorant when it comes to technology. Thank you


    1. carol Wagner

      Sorry about that, I just found it ……forget the previous e-mail.





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