A Quick Update

I am still very new to blogging and trying to find my feet! I want this blog to be a place that encourages us all to live our best life and a life in all its fullness. This is based on the Bible verse found in John 10 v10.


Now I am getting more settled and the 30 days and 30 tips for starting Trim Healthy Mama is completed, I am looking to get into a posting routine. I want to cover lots of different areas of full living, as you can see from the menu bar, so starting tomorrow different days will have different themes.

Mondays are – Celebrating Everyday Life (Seasonal posts, enjoying each day)

Tuesdays are – Food (Trim Healthy Mama compatible)

Wednesdays are – Wellness (Health, happiness and fitness)

Thursdays are – Home Life (Creating a happy home, Hygge, decorating, family)

Fridays are – Finances (Budgetting, tithing, shopping)

Saturdays are – ┬áPlanners and Planning (Planner layouts, stickers, planner types)

Sundays are – Faith and Christian Living (Bible studies, modern Christian living, support)


This gives us plenty of scope to look at lots of different subject and have as full a blog and life as possible!!

If you have any comments, suggestions for blog posts, queries about what we’re trying to do or anything else, please comment below and I will reply or you can email me heather@liaif.net

I look forward to us exploring life in all its fullness together.

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