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30 Days and 30 Tips For Starting Trim Healthy Mama – All The Links

Here are the links to all the posts in the 30 days and 30 tips to starting Trim Healthy Mama series.

This series is perfect to help beginners get started on the Trim Healthy Mama plan. By the end you will have baby stepped your way to being on plan!! Come and join us 🙂

If you are interested in a downloadable, printable version of these posts,then that is available right here!

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If you want to get started on the Trim Healthy Mama plan, then these tips will help you to get on plan in 30 days. Ideal for all Trim Healthy Mama beginners!!
If you want to get started on the Trim Healthy Mama plan, then these tips will help you to get on plan in 30 days. Ideal for all Trim Healthy Mama beginners!!


Day One – Write Yourself A Letter

Day Two – Join a Facebook Group

Day Three – Check With Your Doctor

Day Four – Highlight Meal Compositions

Day Five – Highlight the ‘on plan’ foods.

Day Six – Take before pictures and measurements

Day Seven – Start a Pinterest board

Day Eight – Keep a record of your families ‘normal’ meals

Day Nine – Sort out your sweeteners

Day Ten – Begin to cut out sugar

Day Eleven – Sort out your cupboards

Day Twelve – YouTube

Day Thirteen – Find a buddy

Day Fourteen – Think about the differing needs of your family

Day Fifteen – See if your families ‘usual’ meals have an on plan equivalent

Day Sixteen – Create your first meal plan

Day Seventeen – Start with breakfast

Day Eighteen – Plan your snacks

Day Nineteen – Think about drinks

Day Twenty – Add in your lunches

Day Twenty One – Start a recipe notebook

Day Twenty Two – Think about exercise

Day Twenty Three – Think about E meals

Day Twenty Four – Plan for your weakspots

Day Twenty Five – Cakes, baking and deserts

Day Twenty Six – Eating out and special occasions

Day Twenty Seven – Special ingredients

Day Twenty Eight – Add in your evening meal

Day Twenty Nine – Reread your letter and testimonies

Day Thirty – Reread the Trim Healthy Mama plan book


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