Tech Issues, Sadness and A Huge Apology …

I am feeling so sad at the moment. I’m new to blogging and very new to self hosting and had some tech issues that caused me to lose a load of posts I had pre-written. These included the rest of the 30 days of Trim Healthy Mama posts. Instead of then getting on with sorting it out, I got myself upset and just stayed away from the blog. That was the wrong thing to do and I am very sorry.


Computer Issues.
Computer Issues.

So I am back today and will start rewriting all the missing posts. Please bear with me while I do this as it is going to take me some time to do. I will also make the 30 days posts available as a downloadable document as soon as it is finished as way of an apology.

I am genuinely really sorry and I am back now and will get things back to being a happy place to share and read from now on.

Please accept my sincere apologies.


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