Day Twenty Eight – 30 Days Of Tips For Starting The Trim Healthy Mama Plan (THM)

Day Twenty Eight – Tip Twenty Eight –
Add In Your Evening Meal
(Trim Healthy Mama For Beginners)

The last meal to get you completely on plan is the evening meal and this is what we are adding today. Hopefully by now you are really familiar with the plan and feeling confident about what makes a good Trim Healthy meal and you have already considered how to make the meal suitable for different members of the family, so this bit should be easier.

Keep your evening meals simple and on plan for maximum success.
Keep your evening meals simple and on plan for maximum success.


If you are still struggling, head over the official Facebook groups and ask for help. Don’t ever worry that your questions is silly or irrelevant – there is no such things and we are all there to help each other to have success.

Remember to refer back to the menu plan you made based on what your family likes to eat and make sure there are some E meals and some S meals in there for maximum health benefits.

Keep a note of what meals work best for your family and what you enjoy the most and then you can continue to build up your own meal plans.

Don’t forget that you can also cook too much food and keep some for lunches the next day or for freezing for difficult days or busy days.

Congratulations, you are now fully on plan!! You have achieved a great deal and your success is just starting.

See you tomorrow for the penultimate tip x

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