Day Twenty Seven – 30 Days Of Tips For Starting The Trim Healthy Mama Plan (THM)

Day Twenty Seven – Tip Twenty Seven –
Special Ingredients – Look But Don’t Touch (Yet!)
(Trim Healthy Mama For Beginners)

As you read the Trim Healthy Mama book and the online groups, you will probably spot lots of food ingredients mentioned that you have never heard of before! THM can come with a lot of new foods and they all have their place and health benefits but they are not essential to success. Arguably, the only ‘special’ ingredient you really need is a good sweetener of your choice, as we have previously discussed. However, these ingredients can open up a lot of new recipes to you and your family and help your health to improve.

The reason I have titled this post – ‘Look but don’t touch (yet!)’, is because it can be very easy to get caught up in all the ingredients for the Trim Healthy Mama plan and forget to focus on the basics of meal composition and getting the right balance of meals at the right time for you. Special ingredients can also be quite expensive and that extra cost can be prohibitive for some people, so focusing on meals and recipes that don’t need them can help you to stay on plan and avoid extra costs.

So many products to learn and play with!
So many products to learn and play with!

Sometimes I see posts on the Facebook groups from people new to the plan and they have photos of their new plan book and their haul from the Trim Healthy Mama store and sadly, they often find the plan too difficult and expensive and quickly quit. This plan does not need to be expensive or difficult. At it’s most basic it is purely about separating fuels in your meals so your body can use up all you give it and not store any. That can be done without adding anything extra in.

If you are now following the plan and starting to feel more confident, then today, start exploring the different special ingredients, what recipes they are in that you want to try and what the health benefits are. Don’t but any until you are completely comfortable and on plan, but familiarise yourself with them and start thinking which ones you want to add to your pantry. Then keep an eye out for one of the Trim Healthy Mama stores famous sales and save yourself even more money!

Have fun learning the THM language and see you tomorrow x

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