Day Twenty Six – 30 Days Of Tips For Starting The Trim Healthy Mama Plan (THM)

Day Twenty Six – Tip Twenty Six –
Eating Out and Special Occasions
(THM For Beginners)

When you are at home in your own kitchen, staying on any kind of healthy eating plan is always much easier. Trim Healthy Mama is exactly the same. Sometimes though we have to eat out and planning ahead means you have the best possible chance of staying on plan and keeping the healthy changes going.

The other difficulty can be special occasions. Christmas, holidays, Easter, birthdays can all be times when it can be difficult to decide how to stay on plan and again, a bit of forward thinking will really help.

Today we’re going to think about how best to handle both situations.


Contacting a restaurant and explaining your food needs is one way to stay on plan while eating out.
Contacting a restaurant and explaining your food needs is one way to stay on plan while eating out.


Eating out can be done on the Trim Healthy Mama plan, you just need to go back to basics. Think about the basics of the plan, the meal building blocks that we wrote out towards the start of these 30 days. How could you then apply them to meals in a restaurant? Could you have a lean protein source like chicken breast with s salad and take your own on plan dressing? Could you have a burger with salad and ask them to leave off the sugar laden sauces and the breadcake? You could even call ahead to the restaurant and explain what your food requirements are and see if they can accommodate you. If you are polite then most places are more than happy to help and are used to people with many different allergy and food choices now anyway.

Make you own Christmas treats so you can stay on plan and not feel deprived.
Make you own Christmas treats so you can stay on plan and not feel deprived.


The holidays can be a little bit harder. One of the best things about times like Christmas is the traditions and food is a huge part of Christmas traditions for many people. Again, looking at the basics of the Trim Healthy Mama plan can help you work out how to make choices that will keep you on plan. Again, as always, Pinterest and the Facebook groups can be a great resource for finding recipes for just about any holiday recipe and a bit of planning ahead and even freezing items can make the holidays much easier.

Having said all this though, remember to give yourself some grace. Holidays happen and special occasions happen. Sometimes it is better to eat off plan, or eat healthy crossovers so that you can fully join in with festivities rather than feel left out or offend someone who has gone to a lot of work. One of the greatest things about this plan is that you can start again in three hours and undo any damage, so bear that in mind when events happen and you cannot stay on plan. If you make sure that are on plan as much as you can manage over the holidays and try to limit the number of times you go completely off plan, then you can still have a good time, join in fully and not worry too much. The holidays soon pass and you can get back on plan knowing you have made special memories with your loved ones.

So today, see if you can plan ahead for eating out and holidays so that you always feel in control and don’t have to worry when an event is sprung on you. Planning ahead can reduce stress considerably and make you feel much better and able to make better choices and decisions so start working on that today.

See you tomorrow x

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