Day Twenty Three – 30 Days Of Tips For Starting The Trim Healthy Mama Plan (THM)

Day Twenty Three – Tip Twenty Three –
Think About E Meals (An E A Day Keeps The Weight Away!)
(Trim Healthy Mama For Beginners)

By now you should be on plan (or getting there) with your breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks. Hopefully your meal plan from earlier in the month is helping and you’re getting settled in. Today I want to talk about E Meals.

E meals can be a bit tricky. Most of us love cheese, cream, butter, meat and all the lovely things that make up S meals, but E meals can be harder to think about. The lower fat content can be a stumbling block for some and S meals are just easier to plan.

E meals are really important though. They give the body energy and they keep the body guessing on what fuel is coming next. Fat is great, but carbs also have a really important function in the body and shouldn’t be avoided.

Oatmeal and berries is a great E breakfast.
Oatmeal and berries is a great E breakfast.

The books recommend getting at least five meals a week that are an E meal. This feels difficult but there are some easier ways to do it. One good way is to have an oat based breakfast. Oatmeal or porridge is a great, filling, cheap breakfast and is a perfect E that will give you an energy boost on a morning. Throw in some berries and you have a delicious meal that will start your body off the right way. Another option is to have an evening meal of lean meat like chicken breast and have it with quinoa and veggies.

Today, sit down with your meal plan and count up how many E meals you have on there. If there are less than five, then add some in. Little changes make a big difference on this plan and you will soon work out how many of each meal you need to keep your body healthy and happy. This can be difficult at first if your body is healing and not dropping weight while it gets itself used to being fed nutritious food, but aiming for five E meals a week is a great, healthy start.

See  you tomorrow x

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