Day Twenty One – 30 Days Of Tips For Starting The Trim Healthy Mama Plan (THM)

Day Twenty One – Tip Twenty One –
Start A Recipe Notebook
(Trim Healthy Mama For Beginners)

I have to admit that i am still a pen and paper kind of person. That is why I have a planner rather than an online calendar and why my desk is currently covered in scraps of paper and post it notes! I think there is something really helpful about being able to physically pick up a book or notebook and flick through to what you want without having to worry about WiFi or electronic gadgets. That’s why we have this task today.

Today, I want you to buy or find a notebook that is going to be your recipe book. Pinterest is amazing and the online groups are fantastic, but when you want THAT one recipe and can’t find it, then it is infuriating! This notebook is going to live by your side when you are online browsing and when you find a recipe that you really want to try, IMMEDIATELY write out all the instructions in your notebook. Then make a note on the first page as to what recipe it is and what notebook page it is on. This way, when you want a recipe, you can scan the first page and flip to the right one, without having to scour the internet.

Any notebook will do!

You have no idea how helpful this is going to be!

You can even get fancy and get more than one cheap notebook and have one for drinks, one for cakes, one for main meals and so forth and build your own recipe book collection. Don’t get caught up on it being perfect, it just needs to be functional.

Start today and you will love being able to save new recipes and work from your very own recipe book.

See you tomorrow x

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