Day Nineteen – 30 Days Of Tips For Starting The Trim Healthy Mama Plan (THM)

Day Nineteen – Tip Nineteen –
Think About Drinks
(Trim Healthy Mama For Beginners)

Drinks can be a tricky part of any healthy eating plan. They can also be a really big place that your efforts can go really wrong without you even realising it. Drinks can be a way that you end up off plan or consuming large amounts of calories (on other plans) and not know it. That is why thinking about drinks is really important.

What you drink can really affect your healthy and your weight loss.
What you drink can really affect your healthy and your weight loss.

I know this from experience. I am British and a stereotypical tea addict! I drank around 15 cups of tea a day (mainly decaff so I got some sleep!). I’m not keen on almond milk and cream doesn’t go well with tea, so at first I stuck to putting a small amount of milk in each cuppa. Milk is off plan for Trim Healthy Mama as it contains both fats and high carbs. It is a great as a crossover for growing children, but it can really stall weight loss for adults and that is exactly what it did for me. Without noticing I was slowly making my way through a pint of milk a day in drinks and wondering why my weight wasn’t moving. As far as I was concerned I was 100% on plan food wise and I was frustrated. When I realised what the issue was, I was able to get my weight moving again. I still have tea with milk, but it is now an occasional treat and I drink more coffee with cream, water  or one of the Trim Healthy Mama sippers to keep hydrated instead.

Hydration is really important when trying to get healthy. This plan is high fibre and high fibre needs fluid or things are not going to end well! It is important to drink plenty but sometimes water just isn’t good enough.

Your task for today is to have a look at the plan book and cook book at all the drink suggestions and choose a few to try. If you don’t have the cookbook, do a Pinterest search for THM drinks or have a look at the official Trim Healthy Mama website where there are recipes.

Soon you will be drinking ‘Good girl moonshine’ and ‘singing canary’ like the rest of us!!

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