Day Fifteen – 30 Days Of Tips For Starting The Trim Healthy Mama Plan (THM)

Day Fifteen – Tip Fifteen –
See If Your Families Usual Meals Have An ‘On Plan’ Equivalent
(Trim Healthy Mama For Beginners)

A week ago I asked you to keep a note of everything your family ate for this last week. If you forgot to do that or are only just joining us, don’t worry! Just quickly make a note of everything you remember them eating over the last week and then sit down with the list, your plan book, the cookbook if you have it and the internet.

By far the easiest way to start of the Trim Healthy Mama plan is to adapt what you already eat to be on plan. This leads to the least amount of change, means the meals are most likely to be liked and enjoyed and there is the least planning to do. Trying to reinvent the wheel isn’t going to help you and is just going to lead to frustration and giving up – I know because that is what derailed my first attempt at Trim healthy Mama.

So today, start with what you all had for breakfast each day and see if it is already on plan or could be easily made to be on plan. For instance, if you eat porridge, make it with water and use an on plan sweetener and you suddenly have a great ‘E’ breakfast! If you normally have eggs, then look in the book, cookbook or online and see ways to keep eggs on plan and you have a brilliant, filling ‘S’ breakfast! If your breakfasts are not able to be made on plan or, shock horror, you don’t eat breakfast, then have a think about what foods your family likes and ways these could be used for breakfast.


Sit down with a cuppa, your computer, your notes and your plan books. You can do this!
Sit down with a cuppa, your computer, your notes and your plan books. You can do this!


Then move onto dinner (or lunch, the middle of the day meal, sorry I’m British) then tea (or supper, or dinner, seriously, I’m British 😉 ) then finally look at snacks. By doing it this way you keep things simple.

Does this mean you will never get to make any of the amazing meals you’ve been pinning on Pinterest, of course not! It just means that you are starting simple for the best chance of success. When you have been on plan for a few weeks, then you can start adding in a new meal once or twice and week and see what your family think. Then it’s a treat to try new things and you may end up with lots of new family favourites.

I have written another blog post about this subject here. I hope it helps.

So your homework for today is to sit down with your list and see what meals you enjoy can be made on plan. Tomorrow we will make this into our first meal plan!

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