Day Thirteen – 30 Days Of Tips For Starting The Trim Healthy Mama Plan (THM)

Day┬áThirteen – Tip┬áThirteen –
Find A Buddy
(Trim Healthy Mama For Beginners)

One really good way to keep yourself on track with any challenge you set for yourself is to find yourself a buddy. This could be someone you know who is already on plan, maybe the person who introduced you to the Trim Healthy Mama Plan, or someone you trust who will hold you accountable.

If someone you know is on plan, why not approach them and ask them if they will buddy you. It doesn’t have to be complicated or a bit commitment, just someone who will make sure you stick to your goals and be there to encourage you when you feel like giving up (And we ALL have those days!) Maybe it could be someone at your church who knows you want to get healthy and is willing to just ask you each week how things are going and if you are sticking to your meal plans.

Just knowing that someone is ‘keeping an eye’ on you and rooting for you is very, very powerful! It makes you more likely to commit and stick at it and that leads to the results that then make you want to stick at it and keep going. It’s a win-win! Especially if you then hold the other person accountable and celebrate your achievements together.

Find a buddy and have a good chat!
Find a buddy and have a good chat!


If you don’t have anyone around you to help, there is an unofficial Trim Healthy Mama Buddy Facebook group that you could join to find a buddy. That group is here or come and join us in the Facebook group and we can buddy up together! That group is here.

So today, your homework is to find a buddy or accountability partner to help you to stay motivated and reach your goals.

See you tomorrow x


  1. K.

    Where did you go? I am just starting and miss the helpful direction…



      I’m so sorry, we had some issues with the self hosting. Hopefully we are back on line properly today and I am going to make the whole series available as a download at the end of this week to make up for the downtime.
      I’m really sorry and I hope this helps x


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