Day Twelve – 30 Days Of Tips For Starting The Trim Healthy Mama Plan (THM)

Day Twelve – Tip Twelve –
Have A Watch On YouTube
(Trim Healthy Mama For Beginners)

Some people learn well by reading, others by watching. I am one of those people who loves both! However, if there is a chance to watch something and learn from it then that is something I really enjoy and find helpful. Fortunately, there are some excellent videos on YouTube from the Trim Healthy Mama team and watching them can really help you to understand the plan and get extra tips and tricks.

There is a lot of content on YouTube for Trim Healthy Mama, but the official THM channel is located

here. These are the videos that Pearl and Serene have made about different products, recipes and advice for those of us on the Trim Healthy Mama plan.


If you’re new to Trim Healthy Mama, then here are a few videos I think will really help.


This is a welcome video from the sisters!


This is about the basics.



If you have the time to sit and watch, this is a great video that explains the plan really well. It lasts about an hour and is really helpful. This isn’t from the official group, but it is a presentation that Pearl and Serene did so you know it is trustworthy.


Your homework for today is to play around with YouTube and use it to find some inspiration and encouragement. It is a great tool for learning. If you really like videos for learning then there is a Trim Healthy Mama membership site you can subscribe to that has many videos on it, but we will be looking at that another day 🙂

Enjoy your viewing, see you tomorrow x

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