Day Ten – 30 Days Of Tips For Starting The Trim Healthy Mama Plan (THM)

Day Ten – Tip Ten –
Begin To Cut Out Sugar
(THM For Beginners)

 The single most important thing you can do for your health and for success on the Trim Healthy Mama plan is to cut out sugar. However, this is really difficult to do.

It is difficult for a number of reasons. Firstly, most people are addicted to sugar. You may not realise it, but as soon as you try to cut it out, the headaches and other horrible symptoms will make it obvious. Sugar has become like a drug to our bodies that we have to get a fix of and if we don’t, then we suffer.

Secondly, sugar is in pretty much everything! If you don’t believe me, go read some of the food packaging in your cupboards on foods that shouldn’t have sugar in them and you will be shocked! Sugar is everywhere and cuting it out completely is very difficult, unless you make all your food yourself.

Start by cutting out sugar added to hot drinks and food.
Start by cutting out sugar added to hot drinks and food.

Cutting out sugar is a bit like cutting out caffeine, it hurts! The easiest and most pain free way to do it is to slowly cut it out over a period of a few days or weeks, so you get less of a reaction. Yesterday we looked at sweeteners, so when your sweetener arrives, start subbing it in your hot drinks and breakfast and cutting back the sugar. Start small and work towards being sugar free so you can be as sucessful as possible on the Trim Healthy Mama plan.

You can, of course, go cold turkey if you want, but I would advise against it if you want to still function!

Your homework today is to simply come up with a plan to phase out sugar. Doing this now will give you the best possible chance of sucess when you start fully on plan. It is also the hardest part of preparing for plan so doing it now will really help.

See you tomorrow x

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