Day Nine – 30 Days Of Tips For Starting The Trim Healthy Mama Plan (THM)

Day┬áNine – Tip┬áNine –
Sort Out Your Sweetener
(THM For Beginners)

One of the biggest changes you will make on the Trim Healthy Mama plan is cutting out all sugar. This is not as easy to do as you might think as sugar seems to be in EVERYTHING! So one of the most important things to get sorted is your sweetener of choice.

Although in this 30 days we haven’t started on plan yet, sorting out your sweetener takes time and so it is best to do it now, especially as deliveries can take a while. Natural sweeteners are great and you soon adjust to them, but at first they can taste very different to the sugar you are used to and so it can take time to find one you like.

Your options from the main Trim Healthy Mama store are –

Stevia 1oz

Stevia 4oz

or super sweet sachets

Gentle sweet blend bags

or gentle sweet sachets



All of these are natural, plant based sweeteners and serve a variety of functions.


Stevia is probably mentioned the most as it is a staple of Trim Healthy Mama. It is a plant in the mint family and you need a tiny ammount – one doonk (32th of a teaspoon) is the same as a full teaspoon of sugar. Stevia is mentioned throughout the book but it can have a bitter taste (The official THM one linked here doesn’t). It has to be avoided by anyone with a ragweed allergy though. If you want a bigger bag then they also make a 4oz size.


Super Sweet is a blend of both erithritol and stevia. It is perfect for baking and is the sweetener I use to bake with. You can use it weight for weight as you would sugar which is really helpful. There is a lso a travel version of the sweet blend to carry with you in sachets for those who like to use it to sweeten drinks and food while out and about.


Gentle sweet isn’t quite as strong as super sweet. It contains xylitol, erithritol and stevia so it is not as sweet, but still perfect for baking. Xylitol, which we will look at in a moment, is not safe for dogs, even in small quantities. It causes them to produce too much insulin and go into a hypo and that is almost impossible to save a dog from. Please keep all xylitol away from your pets. Again, gentle sweet also comes in sachets for use on the go.


If you really don’t like Stevia at all, then pure xylitol is a great option, as long as you keep it away from pets. It is the most suagr like in taste and again can be used weight for weight for sugar. It is my personal favourite sweetener, I’m just very careful around my pets.


Finally there is pure erithritol. Erithritol is an alcohol sugar, the same as xylitol but it doesn’t affect pets. It cxan, as can xylitol, cause stomach upsets but is the gentler of the two. It is a great option for baking if you don’t like things too sweet and you have pets and don’t want to risk xylitol.

THM Haul!

If you have friends that are on the Trim Healthy Mama plan then see if they will let you try a bit of their sweeteners. Otherwise, I would start with stevia and maybe a blend and see how it works for you.

If you’re not in the US and so shipping is a bit high to buy these products, then watch out for a post in the next few days on where to source these products from elsewhere! I’m currently working on a UK sweetener special!

Start sorting your sweetener out now and when you’re ready to go on plan, one of your biggest hurdles is already overcome.

See you tomorrow

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  1. Janette Metzger

    Hi. I live in France so it’s really expensive to order in the THM sweeteners. I can find Truvia but I really don’t like the taste of erythritol. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth that the 1/2 stevia-1/2 sugar mix or the 100% stevia doesn’t seem to have. There are several brands that have an option (Canderel brand) of stevia mixed with maltodextrin. Do you know anything about this? Is it acceptable? It shows 2 cal for 1 teaspoon with 0.5g glucides. I have’t tasted it yet because I didn’t want to buy it if it’s not considered to be on-plan.





      Hi, Maltodextrin is considered off plan as it is an unhealthy filler for stevia. Have you tried xylitol yet? That is the closest in taste to sugar and really easy to bake with.
      I’m going to do a post about getting sweetener equivalents in other areas so hopefully that will help.
      Are you part of the UK and Europe THM group on Facebook? Some of the other members on there may have an idea of what you could use – it’s a very friendly group.


      1. Janette Metzger

        Thanks for clarifying that . No I haven’t seen xylitol in any of my stores here, including the organic ones. I’m wondering if it’s not allowed for some reason. I’m trying to keep this as simple as possible without ordering too many new products. I really appreciate your focus on making this work in our regular lives. I’m also not on the other Facebook groups for that reason. I tried this once before and failed because I got so bogged down in all the information flow from the one FB group that I’m a member of and all the recipes using stuff that I don’t have readily available. I think that if I can figure out the substitute for the occasional dessert and learn to modify my current meals, I’m off to a good start. i’m not ready to complicate it yet with all the ideas that get generated in the FB groups.


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