Day Eight – 30 Days Of Tips For Starting The Trim Healthy Mama Plan (THM)

Day¬†Eight – Tip¬†Eight –
Start Writing Out Your Families Meals For The Next Week
(THM For Beginners)

I have started the Trim Healthy Mama plan on two occasions. The last time was May of 2015 and I’m still successfully on plan now and very happy with the results. The first time, though, wasn’t quite so good.

In January 2014 we decided to start the plan. I had the original book, had read it thoroughly, bought as many special ingredients as I could afford or source in the UK and started out on the first day, book in hand. We soon failed. We hated the plan. It was too weird. We didn’t like the recipes.

So why were we successful this time then? Quite simply, we stuck to what we know and love. Instead of trying to work through the recipe section of the book and eating meals and ingredients we had never heard of, (especially as Brits!) we took time to learn what the different meal compositions are and then used that to adapt the meals we already ate to make them on plan. This meant the food was then familiar and we didn’t struggle or feel like we were on a ‘plan’ we were just eating our normal kind of meals not Trim Healthy Mama meals. Except, they were Trim Healthy Mama meals!!

Keep a note - you'll be glad later!
Keep a note – you’ll be glad later!

Your homework for today is to make a note of everything your family eats over the next seven days. Note what you have for every meal, snack and if you eat out. This is going to be the basis for your first Trim Healthy Mama meal plan, but we’ll get to that next week. For now, just jot it down and keep it safe. I know that this will make the biggest difference to success or failure on Trim Healthy Mama because it worked for us.

If you want a sneak peak at what we are going to be doing with the notes, have a look at this post here

See you tomorrow x

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