Day Six – 30 Days Of Tips For Starting The Trim Healthy Mama Plan (THM)

Day Six – Tip Six –
Take ‘Before’ Pictures, Weight And Measurements
(THM For Beginners)

If you’ve read the book through, which you should have done by now, then you will know that the Trim Healthy Mama plan is very different to any other healthy eating or weight loss plan out there. It is different in the types of foods you can eat, especially being able to eat both carbs and fats, and it is different in the way that your body reacts to the plan. That is why this tip is so important.

Your homework for today is to take some ‘before’ pictures (ready to post on the THM page on your ‘trimaversary’ or when you reach your target!) but more importantly, you need to take measurements.

 Measurements are important for a few reasons. Firstly, if you are someone who is obsessed by the scales, having measurements is a good way to stop focussing on the numbers. You can remeasure yourself each week or month and see the weight going, without getting hung up on the numbers on the scales. There are often posts on the main Facebook group from people saying they have been on plan for a couple of months and haven’t lost any weight but their clothes are looser or people who say they haven’t lost weight and so they are going to quit. Having measurements is an accurate way to see that your body really is changing, even if the scales don’t seem to reflect it. It’s also really fun to see how many inches you have lost!

The magic shrinking effect of THM!
The magic shrinking effect of THM!


When you’re taking photos, make sure you take a full face picture. This is often the first place that weight loss really shows,  and taking regular face shots will let you see the he difference you are making.  It will also let you see how much healthier you are looking and that makes a massive difference! Yes, we all want to lose weight, but most of all we want to get healthy and it is a big motivator to be able to see that happening in photos.

So take your pictures and not down your measurements today. Make a secret folder on the computer and store them in there for future use. One day,  you will be sharing these pictures on the main THM page and celebrating your success on plan!

See you tomorrow

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