Day Four – 30 Days Of Tips For Starting The Trim Healthy Mama Plan (THM)

Day Four – Tip Four –
Highlight and Write Out The Pages On Meal Composition
(THM For Beginners)

I have already mentioned at the start of this series that you need to have read the Trim Healthy Mama book before starting THM. It is vital that you read it for yourself and understand it and you are worth the time needed to do that. This is meant to be a healthy, lifelong way of eating and in order to do that successfully, you need to understand it for yourself. It doesn’t matter which book you read, the original or the plan book, both are excellent – just make sure you read one!

Today and tomorrow we are going to do some rereading. You need to look at chapters 6-11 in the original book or chapters 3 – 7 in the new plan book. These are the chapters that deal with meal composition. We are going to focus on ‘s’ and ‘e’ meals for now, we’re trying to keep it simple! Don’t get too hung up on numbers or you will struggle and get defeated. I have never looked at the numbers charts that are floating around  t’internet- I want my Trim Healthy to be quick and simple so I can get on with it, not struggle, measure and weigh things. We’re aiming for food freedom, remember, not restriction.

When you have read these chapters again, today and tomorrow, we are going to focus on two different things.

Today we are looking at meal composition. Just stick to ‘s’ and ‘e’ for now, ‘fp’ and ‘xo’ will come later.

How we do THM on a very tight budget. Our tips for success.
Original Book 

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New Plan Book 


Read page 65 in the original book or 27 in the plan book for ‘S’

Read page 77 in the original book or 39 in the plan book for ‘E’

This gives you all the info you need to get started and is vital to your success.

Your homework for today is to write these details out onto a card to put somewhere prominent in your kitchen, maybe even one for your handbag too for when you are out. Put it somewhere where you see it regularly so you will keep reading it and memorising it. This is the key to the plan and once you know these details, you will be able to be successful. With the details carefully displayed, you can work from the cards when cooking and not need to get the book out. Again, I have to keep things simple and quick and this helps me to do that.

If you are someone who likes really simple then write out –

S=more than 5g of fat & less than 10g carbs

E= less than 5g fat & between 20-45 grams of healthy carbs

(FP*= less than 5g fat & 10g carbs.)

BUT DON’T START THINKING YOU HAVE TO WEIGH EVERYTHING OR READ EVERY LABEL! This is just to give you an idea of what your meal composition should be. Tomorrow, we are going to look at specific foods to build basic meals from.

See you then.

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