Creamy Garlic and Bacon Troodles – S – Trim Healthy Mama (THM) Suitable Recipe

This is a really quick and easy Trim Healthy Mama compatible recipe  that we really love! I apologise now for there being no photo for this recipe, we ate it before I thought of snapping a picture 🙂

I recently bought a whole box of Trim Healthy Mama products from the US. I am not normally able to do this, we normally follow the plan on a very strict budget, but I got the opportunity to do it so I went for it! (See post here)

One of the items I bought was the new Troodle (Available here)  This is a great little gadget that works a bit like a giant pencil sharpener for zucchini / courgettes. It turns them into long noodles and these can then be used in place of noodles, spaghetti or pasta in meals so that you can stay on plan and still eat meals that you love.

I have been experimenting with the troodle since it arrived and so far, our favourite recipe is creamy garlic and bacon troodles. It’s cheap, quick and easy and that is how we like our Trim Healthy Mama meals. It is an S meal due to the fat content and it is a great one when you need something fast.

You will need – (For two people, increase as needed)

200g packet of cream cheese
200g mushrooms
3 cloves of garlic (or to taste)
cooking bacon (this is cheaper, offcuts of bacon – any bacon will do)
One large zucchini / courgette
some butter for frying
One Troodle or other spiraliser

Fry the bacon, garlic and the mushrooms in a large pan, in a bit of butter. Cook till soft. I use cooking bacon which is sold here. It is offcuts and misshapen bacon bits sold in a large packet and is much cheaper than normal bacon. You can use any bacon you want – this is just a bit cheaper.
When the mushrooms, garlic and bacon are cooked through (usually about five minutes) add the cream cheese and stir to coat. Then troodle a zucchini / courgette straight into the pan, stir well to coat everything in the creamy mixture and then let cook for five minutes to soften the noodles.
Then serve immediately in pasta bowls!

This tastes like you have slaved over it for hours, but really it took about ten minutes! It’s great for when you want a quick supper and can’t be bothered to cook and it uses just one pan so there is minimal washing up. It’s a win-win!!

I am going to continue experimenting with my troodle, so I will share other recipes here as I make them. I will also remember to photograph the meal next time 😉

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