Stevia – Trim Healthy Mama (THM) Product Review


(Stevia – Trim Healthy Mama (THM) Product Review)
We have been on plan for just over two years, strictly for the last eleven months and, up till very recently when I did a big haul, the only special product I have bought for the plan has been stevia.

Getting your sweetener right is vitally important to be able to be successful on plan and everyone’s taste and preferences are different. We use a combination of xylitol for baking and stevia for drinks and porridge (oatmeal).

I tried various brands of Stevia at first. This is because I am in the UK and shipping for THM products was very high when the shop first started. I was pretty happy with the NOW brand stevia and we used that for a long time, but last June I managed to buy some of the official THM stevia in the 1oz size packet and i have been really impressed by it and we are only halfway through the packet after ten months!!

The one thing I have noticed about the official THM stevia, is that it is much stronger than any of the others we tried. This makes it extremely economical. When we use it in porridge (oatmeal) my husband used to have three doonks of stevia and now he just needs one. I have also noticed that I find it hard to judge how much to use in baking as I tend to use too much and so I now stick to xylitol for that, until I finally get the stevia figured out!

This is a non bitter stevia, which is really important as the taste can be a bit off putting to some people. If you use too much, then it can be unpleasant too, so I suggest going easy on it and adding more if needed.

As I said, I bought the 1 oz size ten months ago and we are about halfway through the bag, but if you have a big family or like your ‘trimmy’s’ and ‘sips’ then there is also a 4 oz size bag that might be more economical for you. If you are not sure if you will like it, then start with the smaller bag.

I will be sticking to the THM stevia from now on. We have found it to be the most economical due to it’s strength of flavour and it’s small size and low cost means that I can get it shipped to the UK easily and cheaply and it is under the customs charge limit – something that is very important if you don’t want the price to go up even further!

Have you tried the stevia? What did you think of it? Have you tried other brands? I’d love to hear from you x



  1. Heather Schmidtke

    I heard that stevia can cause a reaction similar to ragweed. Have you heard anything about this? Just curious as my husband has allergies that flare up around ragweed in the fall. Thanks for any insight.


    1. Heather B

      I think that stevia is in the same plant family as ragweed so that may be the cause.
      I'[ll check for you and let you know xx


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