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My Tips For Those New To Trim Healthy Mama (THM)

My Tips For Those New To Trim Healthy Mama (THM)


I see so many posts on the Facebook Trim Healthy Mama groups that say
“How do I get started”
“This is too complicated”
“it’s too expensive”
“My family won’t eat these kind of meals”
and so forth but I have found that if you start your trim journey the correct way, then you can be really successful. These are my tips for starting The Trim Healthy Mama plan.

My tips for those new to the Trim Healthy Mama plan. This post was featured on the main THM Facebook page!
My tips for those new to the Trim Healthy Mama plan.


First of all – BUY THE BOOK!
It sounds silly, but so many people post wanting to know how to do the Trim Healthy Mama plan and they don’t have a copy of the book! You need the plan book to be able to understand the different types of meals, what to do and not to do and what special ingredients (covered later) are all about. Possibly you could do the plan without the book by just sticking to the recipes you see, but you are never going to understand how to make the plan work for your family, how to deal with any issues that arise or how to adapt the plan for your unique circumstances.
If you cannot afford the book, as your library to order a copy for you or ask for it for birthday or other gift situation.

Secondly – READ THE BOOK!
Again, it sounds crazy, but I see so many posts where people say “I haven’t read the book but I don’t understand …” Please read the book, at least once, before you start. The book is pretty easy to read and fun and there are many people on Facebook willing to help if you get stuck, but the book is self explanatory really.


There are going to be times when you stay strictly on plan and yet the scales say you haven’t been good at all. This is a high protein plan and protein helps build strong muscles. Muscles weighs much more than fat per square inch, so there are going to be times when it looks like you haven’t lost weight when really you have just been building muscle instead. At these times, measuring yourself to see the shrinking effect going on and comparing photos of yourself now with where you started can be a huge motivator. No one ever has to see those photos, except you, but you will be really glad you took them when you get to goal. You don’t need to do it regularly if you don’t want to, maybe every 10 lbs, start, middle, finish or some other routine that makes sense to you, but do take pics. If nothing else take a face close up – it is shocking how much weight you can lose from your face!

There are lots of different meal types in the Trim Healthy Mama plan and it can be easy to get confused. Start by learning what the ‘S’ and ‘E’ meal types are and stick to them first. It is very tempting when you have a lot of weight to lose to skip to the ‘FP’ foods and the chapter on ‘Fuel Cycles’ (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see points one and two above 😉 ) Even if you have a lot of weight to lose, your body has a lot of healing to do first and ‘S’ and ‘E’ meals help your body and metabolism to do that. Skipping straight to ‘Fuel cycles’ or limiting yourself to ‘Fp’ foods, makes the plan into another low fat, low carb diet and defeats the whole purpose of it. It might not make sense at first, but trust those of us that have been on plan a long time and made it work. ‘FP’ and ‘Fuel cycles’ are for very specific circumstances and you really need to respect that. Remember that THM is a plan for life, not a quick fix.

(Or if you do, at least use my affiliate link here 😉 )
Again I see posts that show people with whole tables full of Trim Healthy Mama bags and bottles and then a week later they post that THM doesn’t work for them as it’s too expensive and they don’t like the special ingredients. It is perfectly possible to do the whole plan without the extras. Yes, they have health benefits and yes, they can be used to make some fun treats, but if you are on a very strict budget like I am then you can still have lots of success without them. It is far better to get started on the plan and then add ingredients later if you decide you want to and once you know where they will fit into YOUR trim journey.

You already know the types of meals your family like so starting a new plan with a new cookbook and dishing up meals they have never heard of let alone eaten, is not going to be too successful. Once you have read the book, sit down with a notebook and make a note of all the meals you usually feed your family and the ingredients that are in them. Then, compare this to the plan book and see if it is possible to make your meals on plan.

For example, a days menu might be

Porridge with milk and  maple syrup. A cup of coffee with milk and sugar. 
A chicken sandwich with mayonnaise and a low fat, sugar filled yoghurt
Pork Chops, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables and sponge cake. 

On Trim Healthy Mama that could be

Porridge with water, sweetened with stevia or with some berries added in. Coffee with cream and stevia.

Low fat chicken breast on plan approved bread, a little mayonaise and lots of salad to fill you up and get your veg quota up followed by greek yoghurt with some berries. 

Pork chops, lots of mixed vegetables with butter and some mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes. Some fruit and cream for pudding or a cake made with some of the baking blend or almond flour (Lots of recipes on pinterest, look for chocolate zuccini cake if you want the best 😉 )

This way, the difference to your family is so slight that they are likely to be happy enough with the changes and you will avoid problems at meal times. Sit down and do this with each day and you will soon know where you can make changes and go from there.

If you go through your normal meal plans and decide you do want some ideas then pinterest is the place to go. There are thousands of recipes on there for every meal type and for every meal. Pin carefully and you will have a free resource of ideas to draw on at any time. Just don’t spend too long on there or no one will ever get fed again!

The Facebook groups are amazing and full of so much information that you can spend hours on there reading all the posts and gathering ideas. The problem is that you can spend hours on there reading all the posts and gathering ideas! Keep it simple, at least at first. Limit how long you spend on there, bookmark links for later and get the plan straight in your own mind first. Obviously, if you are stuck then use the groups to ask for help, they are great for that. But don’t get stuck writing down 150 new recipes, especially if you are never going to get around to actually making them.

In life some people sail straight through and some people plod along. Trim Healthy Mama is the same and comparing your journey to someone else is just going to make you feel discouraged. If you don’t lose any eight in the first month and someone posts online that they are down 30lbs then that is going to be hard to read. Know that your body is trying to heal itself and that this is a way of life now. Even if the scales are not moving, it is still better to be putting healthy fuels into your body than rubbish and so the long term benefits far outweigh the short term frustrations. If you stall in your journey for a while, ask others if they have any suggestions and see if they can see something you are doing / not doing that might help. If you have been on plan for several months and stall, then maybe consider a ‘fuel cycle’ but read that chapter first.
Remember that you and your body are completely unique, respect yourself enough to love your body and what it does for you and don’t beat yourself up over struggles or slow progress.
Trim Healthy Mama is meant to be a life long plan, not a short term fix. Don’t deprive yourself or try to live on foods you don’t enjoy. Don’t miss out at parties or at Christmas, know that you can go ‘off plan’ and three hours lateryou can just get back on plan again with no real harm done. Never beat yourself up if you eat chocolate or have a sugar laden cake one day – you haven’t ruined things, you’ve just chosen to go off plan and you can jump straight back on again whenever you’re ready. Be kind to yourself, stay on plan as much or as little as you want to, it’s the only way you will be happy and make it work for you. If you do decide to be 100% on plan, then make sure you enjoy what you eat – that’s the secret of long term success.

I hope these tips help you. This is a new way of life and eating for so many of us and there feels like a lot to learn, but it is fun to do and the things you will discover about yourself and your body will surprise and delight you. You are worth looking after and you are worth the time and effort. You can do this!

Good luck and God bless you on your journey x


  1. Jenny

    My biggest worry is time. Is it time consumer ng to have to cok and prepare everything from scratch?


    1. Heather B

      No, it doesn’t need to be. The best way to succeed on plan is to adapt the meals you already make to make sure they are on plan. What sort of foods do you like to eat or cook now?


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  3. Dee

    Hi! Can I do the plan without GGMS and collagen?



      Hi, yes you can!
      I am British and we struggle here to get any of the special ingredients, so most of us are on plan with no special ingredients at all and still have great sucess. The most important part of the plan is learning to separate your fuels and learning the meal types. If you can do that, then you can follow THM with no extras at all 🙂


  4. Lynne Decock

    I have the first book. I have not read it entirely. Very shortly after I got the first book, the plan book came out. Should I buy the plan book? Would it be easier to understand than the first book. I don’t want to get very confused and want to give up. Thank you.



      Hi, the new plan book is a bit easier to understand. There is less ‘chat’ in it and more plan information. It may be easier to get the new plan book, but the basics are the same in both. Could you borrow the newer book from someone and have a look first and see what you think?


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  7. Linda

    I feel like all my waking hours are spent thinking about my next meal. Not because I’m hungry, because there has to be a next meal! I’m working on a menu, stealing ideas from those who have been successful, hoping that this will end my food obsession!!!! Good luck, fellow Mamma’s as we go on this journey together….with God’s help!



      We can do it together! That’s what I like about the Trim Healthy Mama plan and the Facebook groups – it’s one big family of people who are all trying to help each other and themselves. You will get this because you want to get it – one day it will all click into place and then you won’t be thinking about the next meal all the time. In the meantime, stealing ideas, menu plans and others meal ideas is a great idea – I still do that and I have been on plan for 2 years 🙂


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