Food – One of Our Favourite Things!!



My hubby and I love food! It is one of our greatest pleasures in life! Unfortunately food doesn’t like us quite so much and so last year we decided to make some dramatic changes to our diet as we were both getting a bit too big and being in our late thirties for me and early forties for him, it was time to get healthy.In the past I have tried raw food, juicing, calorie counting, Slimming World, Weight Watchers but finally we found the phenomena known as THM and our Trim Healthy Mama journey started.

This is a book, or now three books, written by two sisters in America and it is a Biblically based way of eating.

In it’s simplest form it is separating the main fuel of your meal into two main types – S which stands for satisfying and is a fat heavier meal and E which stands for energizing and is a carbohydrate heavier meal. This means the body has just one main fuel to burn off at each meal and so can then turn to burning adipose or fat and so you naturally lose weight. It is also a very healthy way of eating as there is no white flour, no sugar and lots of healthy foods encouraged.

We started THM full time last May and my husband is down 84 pounds and I am down 51!! We are so happy and feeling much healthier as a result. Hubby still needs to lose about 56lbs more and I would like to lose another 40lbs, but we are over halfway there and loving it!

One thing that some people struggle with on THM is that they think it has to be expensive. There are many special ingredients that are available to buy¬†here (affiliate link), but my hubby and I have become experts at doing the plan without the special ingredients and on a VERY tight budget. Partly this is because we have been short of work the last few years but partly because we are British and ingredients aren’t as readily available here. This is something I will blog about here a lot as I know it is something that is important to many people and is stopping them from being able to follow the plan. I will start a category just for budget THM – check the menu at the top of the page for the relevant posts.

For us, THM works! We are healthy, losing weight and feeling better all the time and we have found a way to make the plan work within our budget and our time constraints. I will publish recipes on here that we have discovered and adapted and links to products that I think will help you. If you have suggestions that you think will help us too, then feel free to share them with us.

Being healthy is just another area that will allow us to live life in all its fullness x

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